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If you don’t have time or the capacity to dispose of your single or heavy item of rubbish, we at Rubbish can dispose of these for you. If these are very heavy, we can also pick them up from where they sit and we have the tools and experienced manpower to do all the hauling and disposing for you at rubbish removal Christchurch we make it simple.

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 We are rubbish removal Christchurch Do you have problems  getting a reliable service in Christchurch when disposing of your junk  from your home, office or business ? Or maybe you only need to throw out your old, large appliances or furniture.  Don’t worry, we can take every piece of your junk or even a full truckload of rubbish with our trusted junk removal services. 

We charge a small travel charge of $14.95 for the first item after that you only pay the pickup price quoted per item on our website

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I want to dump single piece of furniture/appliance, how much will that cost me?

It will depend on the type of rubbish item you want us to take. But we have here some pictures of the most common items that are found in homes and business  along with their corresponding charges + small travel fee. If your item is not on the list, please take a picture and send it to to get a free quote.


With our SINGLE ITEM PICK-UP, you can be assured that our cheap rubbish removal  service is very economical especially if you just need to remove one or two items because most people theses days don’t even own a trailer and by the time you hire one + your time + dump fees our service makes economical sense.

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who needs our rubbish pickup services

Households that are undergoing  renovations, repairs,  general clearing out, or any activity that will result in the production of large or small amounts of waste.   

Offices who want to dispose of their large equipment or old furniture especially when doing office makeover. 

We can also provide Christchurch rubbish collection regularly for establishments such as: 

Small convenient stores


Electronic repair shops

Other small to medium-size businesses 

Why we are offering junk removal services to these establishments is because they  produce small to large amounts of assorted waste regularly and disposing  of their large items is usually a big problem. That’s why what we are strongly recommend our SINGLE ITEM PICK-UP service for large, single items that our regular community waste disposal teams won’t usually take. 

 We can also collect  old car batteries, paint , old garden chemicals, e-waste,  engine oil, we can dispose almost any  waste as part of our Christchurch rubbish collection services. If you have any questions on theses kinds of pickups please EMAIL us for your free quote


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rubbish removal Christchurch Service We offer

Services We offer at Rubbish Pickup NZ
rubbish removal Christchurch
  • Used appliances (big and small)
  • Construction or building site waste (metals, debris, wood, etc.)
  • Furniture of any kind
  • Green wastes (garden, yard waste) 
  • Electronic waste
  • General waste (any household, offices, stores mixed waste)
  • Car spare parts, bicycles, carts, or any old garage items
  •  waste you are in doubt about – Email us for expert advise

rubbish removal Christchurch
What kind of skip do I need for my rubbish?
  • It will depend on the type of  waste you have.
  • we have teamed up with
  • one of Christchurch’s leading skip delivery company’s to provide you with a full service if you wish to hire a skip for the larger rubbish cleanup jobs. 
  • We have bins/skips for general waste (household and business  waste),
  • hardfill skips (construction waste)
  • green waste skip (biodegradable waste from trees, garden or yard).
rubbish removal Christchurch
Dump Shuttle
  • We also have the dump shuttle this is where you have more than one truck load of rubbish we will provide the labor and trucks to dispose of you rubbish in a timely fashion . 
  • Most bigger jobs can be completed in one day.
  • We specialize in house clearance & deceased estate clean ups  
  • Email us for a free quote
  • We also have a regular schedule for pickups around Christchurch so we can get to you quickly for single item removals.

Most frequent question and answer


  • You can pick your own date for a pick up and we’ll be there. Our cheap rubbish removal Christchurch is very flexible with pickup bookings.
  • You don’t have to. You just place your items on your driveway or footpath right on your selected pick up date and we will pick it up on that date. 
  • Rubbish removal Christchurch can only pick up and dispose of items that have been pre-booked online.
  • We can pick it up from where it sits but make sure you are present during our agreed pickup schedule and time.  In case you will not be home during our pickup date, call us 2 to 3 days prior to pickup date and we will try to schedule you for another booking date.
  • Yes we can empty your green, yellow or red CCC bins. You only need to book your pickup schedule from our schedule pick up menu.
  • Yes we can. But you have to ring us for a free quote and arrange for a pick up time. You can also pick your item from among our listed items here with their corresponding pickup price for easier booking.
  • You can snap a picture of your item and text it to us. Then call us and we will add your item and update our website while you’re on your phone. We will then arrange for a pickup while we talk.
  • You can take pictures of your larger items and also your general wastes then send them to us. Single items have categorical pickup price so we will do a separate quote for your general wastes.  We specialize in junk removal Christchurch so we can deal also with assorted waste.

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