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Why Hire Us for Your Christchurch Rubbish Disposal Service?

Rubbish will always be part of our lives. And at Christchurch rubbish disposal is also a major problem. However, the bigger problem we see today is disposing of large single items that our counsel pickup trucks would not be able to take. Best examples are the old beds and mattresses, TV sets, sofas, refrigerators and many more. So you have two choices to dispose of these – hire a trailer truck, bring it to a dumping facility yourself and pay for the weight and volume of your junk OR hire us.

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How We Can Help With Your Junk Removal In Christchurch

We at Rubbish could be your best solution for junk removal in Christchurch because we specialize in picking up single large items that can come from your homes or businesses. Since your single item of junk would not be picked up by your CCC regular collection truck, we can handle that for you. If you also have too much of the assorted waste that will not fit in your wheelie bins you  can call us for a booking and we’ll empty it for you.

Usually, the council pickup truck comes only once a week which can leave your wheelie bins overflowing. So if you have more waste to throw out, this can be another problem. But once you call us, consider your waste gone because we’ll come exactly on your selected pick up date. 

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We Can Be Your Best Rubbish Collection Team

Christchurch rubbish pickup should not be your problem because if you’re with us we cannot only promise you cheap rubbish removal in Christchurch but we can also be your most economical and most practical solution to your waste disposal problem. How? 

Say that you don’t have a truck to carry your old, king-size bed so you have to hire a trailer to accommodate its size. In this scenario, you have to carry the heavy bed from your room, out of your house and up to the trailer. If you’re not physically capable to carry heavy loads and no one can help you, you have a big problem right there. You then drive the trailer into a dumping facility, pay for the dump fee and return the trailer to the company. So as you can see, there’s already the effort, money and travel time spent in disposing just of a single item. 

The point is, when disposing single, large items yourself, you already have three inconveniences going – renting a trailer, hauling your load into the trailer and spending time for the drive. Unfortunately, not everybody wants to experience these inconveniences. But with us, you only have to visit our site, check our “Items To Be Picked Up” page and select your item from our list. You can even see the exact pickup price and select a pickup date for item pickup.  

If your item is not on our list you can snap a picture of it with your cell phone, send it to 027-3106-127. We can then add your item to our list and update our site and give you a quote while you’re on the phone.

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How to Save Money With Junk Removal of Good Items

We get so many questions on our Christchurch rubbish removal site particularly about disposing of good items that people think is a waste dumping them off in the dumpsites. So we should tell you one good solution that will not only save you money on dumping fees but could also help other people have second-hand goods courtesy of your donations. What we’re talking about here are the Eco Shops.

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Eco shops are government-owned junk shops that accept goods that are still in good condition but not wanted by their owners anymore. Examples are electrical appliances, electronic devices, utensils, cabinets and so on. You only have to take your goods to any Eco shop near you and if these meet the shop’s standards, you can leave these without any charges and that will save you a lot of money by avoiding the dumping fee. Eco shops are distributed in many areas nationwide and a number of them are in Christchurch. 

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Transfer stations accept all sorts of waste including hazardous waste that have dedicated disposing areas for toxic waste. They also accept assorted or general wastes and you pay them accordingly by the category and weight of your waste. But if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of disposing your large and assorted waste, why not call our Christchurch rubbish disposal service and we’ll do all the disposal process for you. We can also accept the typical hazardous waste coming from homes such as used engine oil, car batteries, paint cans, old garden chemicals and other stuff.  

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Why We Are Pursuing Cheap Rubbish Removal at Christchurch

We understand that junk removal in Christchurch can create some problems specifically with the disposing of large items coming from business establishments, schools, retail stores, offices and households. And we know leaving them outside for pickup is useless because a ccc disposal truck would take large items. And this is where you need our service at Rubbish 

Regardless of how large and heavy your junk is, we have the personnel capable of loading them into our truck.. We will also pick your large items from where they sit so no worries about loading heavy items. If you are not going to be home on your pick up date, you can just leave your junk on your driveway or footpath and we’ll pick it up.  That’s how easy it is to have us as your partner with our Christchurch rubbish removal service.

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We are also continuously updating our website because we know that there are a lot of large items that households and businesses want to dispose of but they are not yet on our list. If you are doing some home repairs or building  that would normally produce large amounts of waste we also have a solution for this by hiring a skip from  Https:// large enough to accommodate your assorted waste.

Types of Junk That We Can Pick Up

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Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

Used appliances like televisions (analog and flat screen), refrigerators, washing machines, old stoves and dishwashers, dryers, air conditioners, heaters, electric fans, generators and many more. 

Furniture of all sorts: sofas, couches, chairs and tables, cabinets, etc.

Green waste like yard and garden waste (leaves, dried tree branches, fresh and dried plants).

Electronic waste such as old radios, cellphones, laptops, batteries, computers, printers, scanners, cameras, tablets, modems and more. 

Garage items: lawnmowers, chainsaws, bicycles and parts, carts, welding machines, compressors and a lot more. 

General waste: any waste that can come from households, stores, mixed waste, offices, electronic repair stores, etc.

The Process of Getting Rid of Your Old and Used Items With Us

Disposing items, especially the large ones that we don’t need or cannot be used anymore can be a pressing problem because there should be the process of how to properly dispose of these without breaking the law. So for the good ones, the echo shops are the potential solutions that also allow you to avoid disposal fees. But like we have mentioned, the problem in disposing your item requires your effort, time and money. 

But with us, we are all about a “hassle-free” waste disposal service provider.  By just calling 027-3106-127 and discussing your needs with us. You can also visit our item pickup page  for details of our services. We can ensure you have a cheap rubbish removal service  in Christchurch. 

Being a fully licensed rubbish disposal team for over 10 years specializing in disposing all types of waste and with a number of experienced and honest personnel for our manpower, we can guarantee you the best junk removal service in Christchurch. We are here to help and regardless of your rubbish types, you can discuss these with us.  Call us anytime to discuss your needs on 027-3106-127.  

So don’t hesitate to call us. Ask us questions or browse around our site to see what we can offer you to get your rubbish gone fast. Our rates are GST inclusive. Paying us is done through our website using credit card or Pay pal with absolutely no hidden charges.