Flexi Bin Good Idea ? Or Not


In recent years, there has been an introduction of a portable waste containment which many people see to be more portable, lighter, easily available and cheap and we are referring to the Flexi bin. Once believed to be the best alternative for the colored bins which have limited capacities and have stricter rules for waste classification, the flexi bins were also referred to as the better replacements for the skips because of their size and unconventional portability. But are these really the real deal when it comes to saving money compared to the traditional skips?

Flexi Bin
Flexi Bin

In this blog, we are going to tackle more about the flexi bin, how it is used, and what are its capacities and advantages when it comes to dumping waste for households. And because you buy the bags ,we will also talk about their economic viability as well as its weaknesses, if there are any. Our goal is to come up with some honest comparisons if these can be a better alternative for the skips.

Flexi Bin

Flexi Bins - Could It Be the Best Choice Over Skips?

In today’s world, people always want to try new things even with regards to waste disposal and management. So here comes the flexi bin. The flexi bin is believed to be the best candidate for replacing the skips because you can carry it anywhere, can buy it from different stores even online and can be used at the convenience of the homeowners. 

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The flexi bins were designed to be useful but cheap. They can also be placed anywhere as long as it’s in your property’s boundary . And when it gets filled up with waste, you only need to call for a pickup and your waste will be gone. So in the eyes of some people, the flexi bins can be the cheapest but most convenient method for disposing of waste  in large volumes. 

So how do these flexi bins work? Do they also have some disadvantages that we should be wary about?

Since we have been servicing Christchurch city for the last 10 years with our waste pickup service, we have seen how the flexi bins work. We have also discovered why some people want them and why many have abandoned them for good. But to come up with good answers for the questions, we focused on analyzing the use of the flexi bin in NZ.   

So let’s talk about the flexi bin first.

What is a Flexi Bin?

flexi bin nz
flexi bin collection cost

A flexi bin is a type of huge waste disposal containment that is made of woven polypropylene (PP) material. This material is known to be resistant to heat and does not hold water. Simply, the flexi bin is basically for outdoor use. Being manufactured from a durable plastic polymer, it is said to resist strain, won’t disintegrate under the heat of the sun and won’t split easily even with a heavy load. There are two types of flexi bins in NZ. The orange for the general waste and the flexi bin garden bag for the biodegradable waste.

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Use and Flexi Bin Availability

As an alternative for the metal skip, the flexi bin is said to work well for homeowners and business owners who are into renovations, landscaping, clearing up junk from the garage, and disposing waste from construction and demolition sites. 

There are 3 available sizes for the flexi bin in NZ with corresponding maximum weight capacities: 

1m³ bags are 1m (long) x 1m (wide) x 1m (high) = 200 kg max weight limit capacity

2m³ bags are 2m (long) x 1m (wide) x 1m (high) = 400 kg max weight limit capacity

3m³ bags are 2m (long) x 1.5m (wide) x 1m (high) = 600 kg max weight limit capacity

As of this post , the cost of the 1m3 flexi bin in NZ is  $29.95, 2m3 is $39.95 and the 3m3 is $49.95. Seems to be cheap, doesn’t it? But how about the flexi bin collection cost? Yes, you have to book and pay for your waste collection before your waste can be taken away. 

The flexi bin is designed to contain many different kinds of household waste except compostable and hazardous waste and this is probably why it has an orange color. You can dump in soil, rocks, recyclables, non-recyclables and even residual waste in it.

Flexi Bin
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For the organic or compostable waste, there is the flexi bin garden bag but at present, it is only available for the 1m3 and 2m3 sizes. 

Before we go on to the advantages of the flexi bin as well as discussing the flexi bin collection cost, let’s also talk about how the flexi bin is prepared. 

Preparation of the Flexi Bin Pick Up and How Does It Work?

Buy your flexi bin from a variety of stores like DIY shops or home improvement shops or online. When you have the flexi bin, read the instruction first on how to unfold and prepare the bag. 

Find a location within your property but preferably in your front yard, near the street or in front of your house where the collection truck can easily reach it. There should be no blockages or any hindrances near it. 

Lay the folded bag flat on the ground, unfold it, and step inside the bag. Starting from one corner, you have to roll the sides down and go around the bag until the bag stands straight and firm.  

Flexi Bin

For the orange flexi bin (general waste), throw in first the heavy materials like concrete, stones, soil, rocks, tiles, dirt and rubble but don’t go over the 20 cm mark which starts from the bottom of the bag. 

You can now put more waste and rubbish that are a bit heavier on top of the heavy stuff like wood, tires, chipboard, pieces of metals and so on. As the waste rises and gets taller, roll the sides back up and continue filling up the bag with lighter materials. Make sure you distribute the waste evenly inside the bag. 

End the topping with the lightest materials like plastic, foams, and biodegradable waste (not compostable) such as plant waste, papers, cartons, etc. After all the waste has been contained, make sure that not any piece of it is sticking over the top edge of the bag.

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You can now call the pickup company and you will be asked for the dimension of your flexi bin. Pay the company online using your credit card. 

When the collection truck arrives, the driver or personnel will hook up the ear handles of the bag into the truck’s mechanical arm and lift the bag and put it in the truck. All the waste that is contained in the orange flexi bin will go directly to the transfer station for sorting and classification.   

However, at the transfer station, if your waste is found to have exceeded your bag’s maximum weight capacity, you will then be informed by the pickup company for this excess and will be charged accordingly through your credit card account.

And this is how a flexi bin is prepared and the waste gets collected. There’s only one rule when using the flexi bin in NZ – no compostable and hazardous waste included. This is why some individuals even throw large items in with their waste. But this is not logical. Why? 

Because large items can eat a lot of space. Some of it can also be too heavy and bulky like the whiteware and furniture. So if you want to dispose of, for example, an old  fridge  that could weigh more than 40 kg, think about it. There’s a better way of disposing of such items like hiring a single item pickup service like us which could save you a lot of space and savings with your flexi bin while avoiding paying for the excess weight. 

What Should Be in the Flexi Garden Bag

In NZ particularly in Christchurch, the flexi bin garden bag is specifically used to contain all green waste that could be composted . You can also include all organic waste that comes from the kitchen and the dining table. Just the same as your green wheelie bin, what goes in there can also be dumped into the flexi bin garden bag.

There are two sizes for the green flexi bins – 1m3 and 2m3. But when will you need these large-sized green bins? The green flexi bin can be utilized when you have a large volume of green waste that you need to dispose of like grass clippings, cutflower, piles of leaves and papers, and many more of the organic waste as long as it’s free of toxic materials. 

If you have lots of biodegradable waste, have a flexi bin garden bag instead. Landscapers, food establishments, and other establishments that regularly produce a large volume of organic waste can prefer this kind of disposable bin

Restrictions in the Use of Flexi Bin in NZ and the Flexi Bin Collection Cost

For those who want to know about the flexi bin collection cost, according to private companies running the collection business, the cost can vary from region to region. The nearer your location to the waste pickup company, the cheaper you’ll pay for the collection job. But usually, most of the companies prefer to pick up waste within a 15 km radius from their base. If you want to know the exact collection cost for your flexi bin, you can call or leave a message on your chosen company’s website and state your details.  

Moreover, the flexi bin waste pickup companies have some restrictions that you must follow before they will get your waste and you must be informed about these. These are as follows: 

You should place your flexi bin not more than 4 meters from the driveway to let the pickup truck reach it with its mechanical arm.

The flexi bin should be within your property’s boundary and not on the council’s or any public property. 

If you want to place your flexi bin in your yard with a fence, the fence should not be more than 1.2 meters high. 

The flexi bin should have at least 4.5-meter space around it and free of obstacles. 

If the truck would enter your property, the driveway should be at least 3 meters wide and if there’s a roof should be at least 9 meters high. The collection site must also be cleared and level.  

Avoid placing your flexi bin near power lines or phone towers or under the trees and with at least 4-meter radius clearance.

Do not overfill and must follow the 20 cm line for the heavy items. Do not let any waste also from sticking over the top of the bag. 

The Advantages of the Hiring Skips and Single Pickup Service Over the Flexi Bins

Now that you know about the use and rules when using the flexi bin in NZ, let’s talk about some of the downsides if we compare them to the skips or hiring a single pickup service for large waste items.  

Flexi bins have limited weight and space capacities. If you are a homeowner and you need to dispose of a lot of your assorted waste, you must have the biggest flexi bin available which means higher purchase cost and higher waste collection cost. And in case there’s an excess in the weight you will be charged again for the excess.  

The maximum capacity of the 3m3 for household use is only 600 kg. 

Here are the skips we have including their pickup charges: 

2 m3 = can be  loaded up to 300 kg for $200 dump fee included

4.5m3 = can be loaded up to 675 kg for $ 300 dump fee included

6 m3 = can be loaded up to 900 kg for $350 dump fee included

7m3 = can be loaded up to 1,050 kg for $400 dump fee included

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If you will compute the cost of the flexi bin + the pickup cost + the excess weight (if there’s any) as against the cost of renting a skip, it is the skips that will be economically viable. Just look at the size of the skips and the amount you can save if you’ve got a lot of mixed waste. So you decide. This is why even the business sectors prefer our services because we have a lot of space and volume to offer with our skips.  


Putting large items into the flexi bin is very impractical because aside from it can eat up a lot of space, a single, large, heavy item will also take most of the flexi bin’s limited weight capacity. So if you want to dispose of large single items like furniture and whiteware, it’s better to hire our single item pickup service.

We can also haul the items from where they sit and there’s absolutely no effort on your part. You can even find the items you want to dispose of on our website and each of the items we have there has their pickup price (GST included). 

Some of the time, we are even called by homeowners asking us to pick up their flexi bins because the contents have become too  heavy for the truck’s mechanical arm to lift or they were placed in the wrong place. 

Our skips are made of the traditional heavy metal bodies which mean there’s no possibility that they break or get damaged. With the flexi bins, they might rip at the bottom especially when sharp and heavy objects were placed in it.

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The collection for the flexi bin is said to be 5 – 10 working days after booking for collection.  With us at rubbish pickup.co.nz, it would be the next day. 

 Comparison between the strength of the polymer flexi bin against the metal skips is huge.  

Location-wise, we deliver the skips to you and we also find the perfect location for us to pick up the skip when it’s full. Unlike with the flexi bin, there are so many things you have to consider specifically where to put the bin.  

These are only some of the advantages that you can get from hiring a skip, or from hiring a single item pickup compared to using a flexi bin. Therefore in terms of economic viability and feasibility, we ought to say ( in our opinion only)  the skips still win so be wise in making decisions.

To know more about our services, visit us at rubbishpickup.co.nz and find that we have a lot to offer. We can pick up all sorts of waste and we also strictly follow our councils’ guidelines for proper waste disposal. Also, if the council’s waste disposal truck has left your wheelie  bin behind , don’t  hesitate we can empty it for you. Just call us on 0273106127. Or just book your  single item pickup online here it’s easy.