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If you’re thinking about free whiteware removal in Christchurch, don’t worry, we can give you some effective and proven advice to get your whiteware out of your way. Whiteware removal can be difficult to accomplish if you are not sure what to do with it because most are bulky, have a lot of materials in them and some also have hazardous components that can harm the environment. And because they are in large single units, they can also pose safety hazards to the public if we improperly dispose of them.

Free Whiteware Removal
Christchurch whiteware removal

The most common examples of whiteware are fridges, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners and other home appliances that used to be made in white colors due to their materials that include porcelain, earthenware and tiles. But now, because these equipment are mostly made of metals, wires, plastic and glass and unlike furniture that are made of basic materials, the whiteware can be quite difficult to dispose of unless they are still operational and in good condition. 

Today, we will give you some tips on how to dispose of your whiteware without costing you money and we will also tell you about which service you can depend on to help you get rid of your whiteware without your effort but at a minimal cost.

Whiteware Removal in Christchurch For Free

Sell It Online.

If you only want to upgrade your appliances and you need to dispose of your current ones that are still in running condition, you can advertise them online on some marketing platforms including in your social media accounts that have marketing pages. Check what others do with their units when selling them online to see how much you might get for it. Remember that a lot of people are looking for used but usable appliances which can help their families’ budget by buying second hand appliances.

Donate it to Charitable Institutions.

Check your city’s websites. There could be a list of charitable institutions you can find that accept used appliances as donations. There could be the Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and Red Cross. These institutions have been helping people for many years by providing them with different aids including materials and home equipment. Use also the web as your vehicle in giving away your items that can be of use to other people. 

Give it away.

If you have some friends who don’t have the budget to buy new appliances? Why not offer yours and this can be a good option for whiteware removal in Christchurch. You can post your whiteware on your social media account and say it’s for free to take. Anyone from your friends’ list may happen to need your unit or somebody they know.

Free Whiteware Removal

Consider whiteware recycling.

This is one of the best options for free whiteware removal in Christchurch and you have two choices for these. If you have the opportunity to disassemble your old unit that is not worth donating or giving away, you can separate the recyclable materials from the non-recyclable parts then donate the recyclables to the eco drop centers or sell it to junk shops. You can also reuse it for other purposes. For the unrecyclable parts, you can now dump these into the dumpsters or wheelie bins like in the red bins. The second and easier option is taking the whole unit into a scrap metal yard but you have to call the office first if they accept old and damaged units but still have recyclable parts. 

Trade it. 

Check from the web if there are existing trading shops around Christchurch New Zealand. Most of these shops also sell second-hand home appliances and can agree to trade your unit for another used appliance. If you can’t find any, you can also ask your friends if they have appliances or other items that you can trade or barter your whiteware. However, your unit should be in running condition and still looking good. 

Hire a skip.

Hiring a skip large enough to accommodate your old and unusable whiteware is one of the most practical methods of whiteware removal in Christchurch. You can dump other waste in it along with your old fridge or furniture. can rent you a skip of different sizes so you have choices based on the volume of the rubbish you want to dispose of. They have the 2, 4.5, 6, and 7 cubic meter skips ready for hiring out. While you have 5 days to fill it up.

Take your whiteware to the transfer station.

If you live around Christchurch, you are likely to know about the transfer stations and how these can help you dispose of the waste you have from your home. If you are not into whiteware recycling, a transfer station can be one of your best options for whiteware removal in Christchurch. You can take your whitewares there and just pay for the dumping fee based on the bulk of your items. People at the station will sort out your items and if these are still good, they will take them to the eco drop shop. If not, they will compact these and may land either to the landfill or to metal recycling centers.

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Hire us for the junk removal service.

 We know that you are more into finding free whiteware removal in Christchurch but what we can offer you is the quickest, safest, and most legal way for whiteware removal and this is by hiring a junk removal service in disposing of your used appliances. In our company, we termed this service as the “single item pick-up” because we pick any large items from your homes be it furniture, whiteware, mattresses, beds, or any type of bulky items that you find difficult to dispose of yourself.

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Here are the advantages of hiring single item pickup service: 

Provides you the freedom to focus your mind and energy on other things instead of thinking about how to dispose of and where to take your large waste items safely and legally.

You won’t need to do any laborious job in disposing of your whiteware because lifting and hauling heavy objects is one of the primary causes of back injury. 

You will not be part of the illegal dumping trend that many irresponsible individuals do with their bulky items like leaving them on vacant lots, curbside, or near forest areas. This is illegal and can get you jailed or fined a large amount for this wrong doing. 

You will be assured that your whiteware will be disposed of safely and properly.

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Charges for the job are very affordable and  comparable if you  hire a trailer and pay for the dumping fee but without you doing the heavy hauling and traveling to the transfer station. 

  Can save you time, energy and money and you only need to call us for the pickup service.

All over the world, especially in more developed countries, people now depend on waste removal services because illegal dumping of any kind of waste is punishable by laws not to mention unsanitary and disrespectful to the public and the environment. Moreover, if you decide to do whiteware recycling or taking your bulky waste to the transfer stations, be ready for the tedious job while the latter can also be a heavy task on your part. So why do these when there’s the easiest way of disposing of whiteware and that is by calling us and we’ll do the pickup and the legal disposal for you as long as you’re in our pick-up vicinity in Christchurch?  

If all you need is to avail of free whiteware removal in Christchurch, all you need to do is try some of the tips we have mentioned above and these are already proven effective though it needs your perseverance, initiatives, and patience to successfully remove your whiteware for free. But if you don’t want to be bothered  or tire yourself with doing this, why not call us and tell us how we can help you. 

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Our whiteware removal service is not actually free but we should say it is the most affordable service you could find in Christchurch and we also have one of the best track records in terms of waste removal services in the city. We have been in operation for more than a decade doing waste removal service, estate and garden clearing, and now with our single item pick up which we are proud and successful in keeping our city clean. 

If  you want to know more about our services, you can visit single item pick service and we have a list of items there like whiteware and furniture of different sizes and their price list that we pick up. You can leave us your message and your phone number so that we can call you or call us



If your item is not on our list, you can call us and we will update our list.  You can also ask us for advice for free if you are in doubt about the kind of waste you want us to pick up. 

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