Easy Way of Disposing Green Waste in Christchurch City

Green waste Christchurch

Too Much Green Waste To Fit In Your Wheelie Bin

So you have been working flat out in your garden and now you have a huge pile of green waste to get rid of. 



What is basic green waste ?

Green waste in Christchurch is always part of the city’s usual waste that comes from people’s homes and yards. However, disposing of green waste can also become problematic due to the mismanagement and illegal dumping possibly by those who are avoiding paying for the dumping fees or this waste has been rejected for disposal due to the wrong process of segregation.  

Green waste is identified as fresh refuse from our yards or gardens. It can be your grass clippings from lawn mowing, leaves from hedge trimming, or vegetable and fruit peelings from your kitchen. So in essence, these are all fresh and green parts of plants.  

Green waste Christchurch

On the other hand, we also have brown waste from our yards such as pine straw, dried leaves, dead branches, or dried grass. We call it brown waste because these are already dead parts of plants and trees but are also biodegradable waste. In Christchurch, green waste belongs to the biodegradable waste and these have dedicated bins apart from the recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Yet, both green and brown waste are rich in nitrogen and organic matter that if composted can enrich the soil and benefit our plants in our backyard.

Green waste Christchurch

As a team specializing in green waste & rubbish  single item pickup in Christchurch, we also encourage citizens to compost their green waste in their backyard. Unfortunately, for some reasons some people just want to throw it out and put  in there green bins. Yet, our green bins can only contain a limited amount of biodegradable waste so people leave some of these waste on vacant lots and near the bodies of water. This is why being a team of green waste removal in Christchurch we do not only urge people to use our service but also to consider composting their biodegradable waste not only to boost their soil in their backyard but also to save them some money from paying the dumping fees.

Green waste Christchurch
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Is Composting a Better Way Than Hiring a Garden Rubbish Removal Service?

For us, composting is always the best way of how you can treat your green waste properly. However, some people could not find time to do the composting while others don’t exactly know how to deal with it and so they just want to get it out of their way.  

Nevertheless, there are three quick ways to dispose of green waste from your homes if you cannot handle composting.

One  is to cut them into pieces including the brown waste, put it in and dump it into the green wheelie bins.

Or two, cut the green waste into small pieces, put it in bags and take it into the dumpsite and pay for its dump weight.

And lastly, hire garden rubbish removal in Christchurch and our  team can take it all in one go this is where we can be of service. 

Green waste Christchurch

However, there could be some disadvantages with the number one and two methods of disposing your green waste. For example, your green wheelie bin may not be large enough if you have too much grass clippings to dispose. And if the dump truck personnel see that you have included some waste that does not belong to the biodegradable waste, they will leave out your bin in the cold.

Green waste Christchurch
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For number two, if you decide to dispose of your green waste at the dumpsite, you must also know which waste should and should not be included because dumpsites won’t take the green waste with soils, stones and other materials you can get from cleaning your yard. So before you get yourself into trouble in taking your biodegradable waste to the dumpsites, make sure what you have is all compostable waste and safe for the landfill to take.

Green waste Christchurch

For the third option, if you hire a team of green waste removal specialists  in Christchurch like us, you don’t have to experience all  of these inconveniences as you only need to call us for the disposal job and we will handle it from there. 

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How to Compost Green Waste

Again, we still want to suggest to people to practice composting because you can do it right there in your home and save money from paying the dump fees. If you want to know how to do composting, we have very simple instructions for you and you don’t need special skills or tools to do it.

How to Do Backyard Composting:

Make a rectangular composting bed in your backyard by digging on the soil about 5 inches deep. You can locate your bed right in the corner of your fence but as much as possible it should be away from your house. If you have a pet like a dog or a cat, you can create a fence around the bed to prevent them from digging into it and contaminating it. 

Every time you have some green and brown waste collected, chop up all of these in small portions and spread it evenly on the composting bed. Don’t put in branches, twigs or any hard parts of plants that can take time to decompose and avoid including plant parts that have been sprayed with chemicals.

Green waste Christchurch
Green waste Christchurch

Add some soil on top of the layer then cover the heap with a wide, clear plastic to prevent bugs and small wild animals from taking refuge and eating the waste.  Put heavy stones or blocks on the corners of the heap. 

Continue to put in biodegradable waste as you produce it and put in a little soil every time on the top layer. Water the heap once or twice a week when it gets dry to hasten decomposition but don’t overwater it. Don’t forget to put in the cover every time and mix the heap once or twice a week. 

When the heap gets too high, create another bed. As long as you have a well-managed composting method, in about 2 months your first compost bed can be ready for harvesting and you got a new and enriched soil for your grass and plants. 

Green waste Christchurch

Composting is the best and most natural process of disposing green waste and through it, we can save space on landfills and avoid polluting our bodies of water that can be contaminated from the juice that is produced by the degrading of biodegradable waste. Composting can also be a more practical way of disposing your kitchen waste which can also save you money from buying organic fertilizers for your roses or veggies.

Green waste Christchurch
Green waste Christchurch

Issues With the Disposal of Green Waste in Christchurch

Unfortunately, at present, composting has not been a widespread practice in most parts of Christchurch city and accordingly, some people see it as laborious while some say they don’t need the compost at all because they don’t have gardens or flower beds and so they need to dispose of their green waste. On the other hand, as we have said, disposing of mixed waste can pose a problem to any dumpsite thus many dumpsites including transfer stations have strict guidelines in accepting green waste for disposal. 

Yes, transfer stations do not only accept used appliances and furniture but they also accept green waste provided that you pay for it. The same with the private rubbish pick up teams like us, we also prefer picking up only properly segregated biodegradable waste so waste that is not in the list of biodegradable should have separate bags.

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Basically, as a private rubbish pick-up service team in Christchurch city for more than 10 years, we see green waste in Christchurch as one of the major problems in disrupting the city’s proper waste management program as some people do not exactly know how to classify green waste from other waste. So here we put up a list of the things you need to consider whenever you want to dispose of your biodegradable waste to the ccc, dumpsites or through us for smoother disposal service.

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Green Waste in Christchurch Approved for Disposal in ccc transfer stations

  • Fresh garden matter such as grass clippings, newly uprooted plants, and plant trimmings or any lawn clippings.
  • Branches of trees not more than 100 mm (4 inches) in diameter.
  • Leaves from trimming hedges and trees.
  • Fruit trimmings and rose pruning’s.
Green Bin Christchurch

Garden and Yard Waste That Are Not Approved for Disposal Along with the Green Waste:

  • Assorted garden waste and kitchen refuse that cannot be sorted.
  • Branches and tree stumps that are larger than 4-inches in diameter.
  •  Flax and its flower stalks, bamboo, cabbage tree leaves, palm fronds, yucca, any type of weeds and grass, and grass clippings that have been sprayed with chemicals for the last 6 months. 
  • Plant roots covered in soil.
  • Old compost heaps. 
  • Animal manure.
  • Oxalis plants. 
  • Non-green waste found on gardens such as stones, plastic, metal objects, pieces of glass, newspaper and twines.

You may be wondering why some garden waste that are parts of plants and trees are also getting rejected at the dumpsites. This is because garden waste removal in Christchurch should only be for the green waste that can degrade fast in the landfills. So green waste that is mixed with soil, large tree stems, oily and toxic plants will not be accepted. And when your green waste gets mixed up with some plastics, twines, glass, metals, and stones, these will be rejected as well so make sure these have separate containment. Yes, some plants can contain toxic oil and sap and we should avoid mixing these with the green waste because these can contaminate the compost .

Garden Rubbish Removal in Christchurch - How Can We Help

As we have mentioned, our team has been around for more than a decade  helping people all over Christchurch city in disposing their waste of any kind. If you have assorted waste such as large and small items, take a picture of it and send it to 0273106127 . This will give you an idea of how much it will cost to remove your waste. We also specialize in single item pick up so if you have a single piece of furniture or an old appliance you want to get rid of, you check the item in our site’s pickup list. Every item we have on our list for pick up has a corresponding pick-up price then just order your pickup online.

Other Pick Up Services We Are Good At

 We provide waste disposal services to homes, schools, business , or any establishment that needs to dispose of their old appliances, furniture, beds and mattresses and much more. We are not only after garden waste removal in Christchurch  but we are an all-around waste disposal team specializing in assorted waste and single large items that our council pick-up trucks won’t take. We do not only care for our environment but we also want people to realize the importance of properly disposing of their waste particularly their biodegradable waste.   

So if you have problems disposing of your waste and rubbish of any kind including large items, green waste and assorted waste, don’t hesitate to call us.