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Household Rubbish Removal Christchurch Too Much Junk & Don't know Where To Dump It

So you have been cleaning out your house or garage now you have a huge pile of junk to get rid of. 

Household Rubbish Removal in Christchurch What Can We Pickup ?

There are a number of ways people do household rubbish removal in Christchurch city. But before we talk about these ways, let’s identify first what are the things that people usually include in their rubbish for disposal. 

Most of the items we see during our daily  removal of household rubbish particularly in Christchurch city are regular waste and items found in a typical household. From the kitchen, we find biodegradable waste, rusty utensils and pots, and also old appliances such as oven toasters, stoves and microwaves.

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From the bedroom room, we see old pillows, torn blankets, broken lampshades and the largest items are usually the old beds and mattresses and even cabinets. And from the lounge, what we usually get are the large items like rugs, old sofas, chairs and broken tables. As a private team doing rubbish pick up, we basically take all types of waste coming from households, businesses and even from construction companies. But when it comes to following rules, we emphasize to our clients that they should sort their regular waste from the large single items like furniture, cabinets, whiteware and all the large items mentioned above.  

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Guidelines For Rubbish Sorting

Being in the rubbish pickup business for over a decade, we are familiar with what people throw out from their homes, offices and buildings and we also get to know how things work within our council’s transfer stations which we also call our dumping facilities. We are also able to see how people in these stations sort the ordinary trash from whiteware as well as the hazardous, and biodegradable waste. But what is whiteware waste and why do we need to pick it up?

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How To Dispose of a Dryer

Whiteware waste is any of the large home electrical appliances that are used in ordinary households but are being disposed of by the owners because they get too old or broken. Examples are washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, dryers, freezers, air conditioners and many more. They are called whiteware because these used to be available in white color but now come in a variety of colors though their whiteware category remains.

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Since large items are not included in our city council’s rubbish pick up service, this is the reason why we put whiteware into our removal of household rubbish service as we see some of them getting dumped in places they should not be including other large items. We are concerned with the impact of this illicit practice in our environment and in our community, we want to show citizens  of Christchurch that there are better, legal and more effective ways of disposing of all large items and some of these options are cheap and even free.

Christchurch Rubbish Illegal Dumping
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Not too many people in Christchurch city know this but if you take your whiteware item into a transfer station, you won’t even pay for it. If it’s still in good condition, people in the station will take this to an eco shop for sale to the public at a very cheap price. But if it’s junk already, this will be taken into the recycling center for scrap metal. This goes the same with other large items. If you’ll dispose of your old cabinet but still in the best shape this will also be taken to the eco shop. But if it’s dilapidated, this goes to the junk among the wood category. So only the whiteware items are exempted from the dumping fee. So does this mean people may not need our service anymore for the whiteware pick up? Not really.

How To Dispose of a Tumble Dryer

In the many years of our waste pickup work, we get calls every day from many individuals, business owners, managers and homeowners about picking up their single items of junk and also for their assorted or general waste. So why can’t they take it to the dump themselves? It’s because of many reasons:

Why Do People Need Our Household Rubbish Service?

Item is too heavy or too many to be hauled. If you are a homeowner and you want to move out a single freezer or an old bed with a large mattress but it weighs too much for you, would you force yourself to carry these to your truck? (if you have one) What if you want to take out all the old beds from your apartment so you can replace them? Would you be able to do all the lifting and hauling? Probably not. So it’s  more practical to hire a team of household rubbish removal specialist in Christchurch like us and avoid straining yourself.  Yes, we can take your single large item from where it sits or even a full truck load of them. 

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Too large for the vehicle to carry. So you have your friends or family to help you carry the large item like a huge bed out from your house but you only got a small car. You still have two options. One is to rent a trailer, take the bed to the transfer station and pay for the dumping fee or two, you can hire us for all the disposal jobs. 

Renting a trailer, you have to load up the bed and spend time for the travel then return the trailer. Can you afford the time and hassles? You can just  Call us on 027-3106-127 or just book your pickup online then select your preferred pickup date , we’ll pick the item from where it is so there is basically no effort on your part. 

What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring
Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

Saves you time. Are you always busy with your businesses and can’t find time to dispose of an old and broken whiteware or cabinet? Call us and you don’t have to think about it anymore.. You can now focus on what you need to do.

Removal of household rubbish is our expertise which means since you won’t do any lifting, loading and unloading of your rubbish including the heavy single items .Our men are experts in the hauling process and they know how to take care of junk that requires special handling like hazardous or toxic waste. We also have the tools to properly complete your job.

Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free

We have the expertise. Since we’ve been in the rubbish pickup industry  for many years, we know how to handle different kinds of waste and where to dispose of them. Our guys are trained to handle waste that has the potential to leave an environmental impact and we can also teach you how to compost your green waste to save you money from paying  dumping fees. 

When your wheelie bins have become too full to accommodate anymore trash and you don’t want to wait for the next pick up date, this is where you’ll need household rubbish removal in Christchurch. Our city council’s pick up service strictly follows a certain schedule and they only take what’s in your bins. But with us, you can book right away for our next day’s pick up schedule and we can take almost any type of waste. If you are apprehensive about your waste, you can also call us with your inquiries.

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We Can Provide You Different Rubbish Dumping Options

  • One, we can pick all your general waste in one go with no hazardous waste.
  • Two, if you only need to dispose of a single item, we’ll take it using our smaller truck and for the larger or several items, we have a larger trucks for these. 
  • And three, if you have a lot of waste like you’re doing a general home or office repair, you can request us to leave you a skip big enough to contain all your trash and we will treat it as unsorted waste. We can always offer you a solution to your waste disposal problems. Nothing is a problem to us your rubbish is our game.
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How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost?

This is the most common question we get from people who are inquiring about our services and you may also have this question in mind. The best answer we can give you is to show you how much the transfer stations charge people who are bringing their waste to them for dumping. 

So if your hiring us for your pickups, we will be paying these charges for you based on the type of your waste and its weight. So instead of you getting stressed out carting & disposing of your stuff and also paying for the dumping fees, we can do that for you also we pickup right from your home no need for you to drive to the dump anymore.

Note that according to the Christchurch City Council website, from July 2020 to June 2021, these are the corresponding charges for the dumping fees based on the waste category and weight. 

What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring
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  • General Refuse
  • There will be a minimum charge of $10 for general refuse. This means that if you take in general waste in a small amount like in garbage bags and these will be weighed in, you’ll get charged $10 per weight. But if you bring in a truck full of general refuse, you will be charged $287.50/tonne regardless of the vehicle. General refuse can contain domestic and commercial waste.  
  • Green Waste
  • This includes leaves, weeds, branches and lawn clippings free from chemicals with no flax, cabbage tree leaves and timber treated with any chemical. The cost is $143.95/ tonne with a minimum charge of $10/weight. 
  • Hardfill Waste
  • Any type of rubble or concrete, soil, stones, bricks, sand and pavers that commonly come from construction sites but no commercial drop-off and not including metals. That would be $121/tonne with a minimum charge of $10/weight. 
  • Wood from Demolition Sites
  • Any type of wood would be charged $299.10/ton with a minimum charge of $10/weight.
  • Metal or Steel 
  • Types of these metals including corrugated iron, PVC pipes, aluminum, etc. These will be charged $80/ton with a minimum charge of $10/weight. 
  • Whiteware
  • No charge at all but you still has to pay $10/item for the dumping fee.
  • Car Tires
  • $976.50/ton for all tires, or
  • $11.00/tire
  • $6.60/rim
  • $14.10/4WD tire
  • $34.10/truck tire
  • $86.10/tractor tire
  • $101.90/loader tire
  • For extra- large tires, call your nearest transfer station or eco drop shop near you to inquire. For the green waste, the cost will depend on the size of your vehicle. 
  • Plaster Board
  • Clean plasterboard only. The charge is $138.25/ton with a minimum of $11.50/weight. 
  • Polystyrene
  • Charge of $7,952.80/tonne and a minimum charge of $238.60
  • Asbestos
  • $498.90/ton with a minimum charge of $39.90.
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Household Hazardous Waste and Chemicals

For potential toxic waste, call the number of the nearest transfer station in your area before taking the items to the transfer stations . Waste that can be considered hazardous are car batteries, old pesticides, garden chemicals and other stuff that contains toxic materials. But if you want us to pick these up you can also call our number 027-3106-127 to clarify what you should do about it if we can pick these up.

Is Green Waste Free To Dump ???

NO here is the list of charges based on your vehicle type considering that you’ll be taking your green waste to the transfer station  and your vehicle contains a minimal amount of this waste. Why the transfer station consider the vehicle type is because each type has a certain load capacity.

The following charges already include GST (Goods and Services Tax). 

  • Station wagons/small 4×4’s – $11.50 minimal charge
  • Cars/hatchbacks – $10.80
  • Senior citizens (station wagons/small 4×4’s) – $9.90
  • Senior citizens (cars/hatchbacks) – $9.20
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Single Item pickup cost

Again, for the single items, you can visit us here at to find our prices per item and also you will find lots of Q&A  about our household rubbish removal in Christchurch service. Check on the “Items To Be Picked Up” and you’ll see a variety of items and one or two of these could be the same as your item you want to dispose of. 

For example, you want to dispose of your old bed, you’ll find that our price for the pick up ranges from $49.95 – $89.99. The price range is based on the size of the bed so with a “single type bed” your charges would be $49.95 plus the travel charge (according to your location within Christchurch city). For the “double bed” that can cost you $59.95 and so on. Very easy isn’t it? No need for us and for you to guess how it could cost you to dispose of your single large item. But then if your item is not yet included in our list, you can snap a photo of it then send it to us on 027-3106-127 we will then give you an instant quote for pickup.

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