How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree?

How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree?

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How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree?

It’s that time of year again when we all put up our Christmas trees, and then a few weeks later you start thinking about how to dispose of a Christmas tree. But where does the tree go? There are a lot of different options for what to do with your old Christmas tree and this blog post will summarize these options in an environmentally friendly way as well as provide you some tips on what to do.

How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree

On the other hand, you might also think about where can I dump a Christmas tree. But the key thing about proper disposal is not to dump your used holiday tree. Instead, think about recycling or reusing it. 

How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree

Christmas trees come in 2 types – the artificial ones and the real trees. The real trees are usually cut out or uprooted fir trees and pine tree varieties. The artificial trees are generally made of PVCs and plastics so they can be recycled and will be made into new plastic materials. If your artificial Christmas tree is made of detachable parts which usually are designed for, you can disassemble it and store it for the next holiday season. But if you need to change it for the coming holidays, you have 2 options on how to dispose of a Christmas tree that is artificially made. 

First, try to give it out to one of your friends. Your friend may also need to change his or her Christmas tree and may prefer yours instead of buying a new one. And second, you can disassemble it or cut it into small pieces if the parts are too long then put the parts in black plastic bags and dump these into the yellow bins for recyclables. But if you have a large artificial Christmas tree just like what they put inside large homes and malls and you want to dispose of it already, you better call for a waste pickup service to haul it up and dispose of it for you. And this is what we do for an affordable cost at Christchurch. Known as the junkman in Christchurch, we regularly collect and dispose of all types of Christmas trees after the holidays in the city and from the nearby towns. 

Where Can I Dump a Christmas Tree?

But how about if your Christmas tree is actually a cut out from a real tree? Or how to dispose of a Christmas tree that is a real live tree? Or if you want to get rid of it eventually, you may also want to know where to dump old Christmas trees? Here are the options for proper disposal: 

Recycle it. 

It’s easy to recycle a real or a live Christmas tree. If you have installed it outside your house or inside, all you need is to remove first its decorations, lights and including its supports. Take it outside your home and cut the wood and branches into small pieces and collect the leaves. The wood can be made into firewood and the leaves can be composted or can go into the green bin. 

Replant the live tree. For a live tree, this depends on the size of the tree. If you have a huge live tree you have temporarily planted in front of your house, you can transfer it to another place where it can serve as a shade tree. Or you can take it back to where you’ve taken it and replant it there. 

Call the tree seller for a possible take-back. If you have ordered a live Christmas tree online, try to contact the seller if they can take it back. If you want to order another one with a different size from the same seller, most likely the seller would take it back and resell it. But this can be possible if the seller is based near your area. 

Bring the tree to the dump or transfer station for disposal. How to dispose of a Christmas tree to ensure you can get rid of it properly and by yourself? Take it to the dump so it can be processed either for composting or for landfill disposal. You can also call the station’s office to ensure a smoother dumping process. If you are ready to haul your used Christmas tree and have the vehicle to carry it, the dump can be a good option for disposal but you still have to pay the dumping fee. However, hauling a large Christmas tree requires you to look for some assistance so it’s not only you that will do the hauling labor. 

Call us for the rubbish pick up service. If you don’t want to consider recycling, replanting, or no need to wait for a chance to get your old Christmas tree get picked up by someone, you can opt to call us for the quickest and most hassle-free Christmas tree disposal service. With us, you only need to estimate the size of the tree or take a picture of it and send it to our number



for our estimate. We will then send you a price quote for the pickup and we will schedule this for the collection. No need for paperwork, no hidden fees and no hassle on your part. and we’ll be there. 

Note that you should not dispose of your Christmas tree anywhere else even though it is some type of organic material because this is still a case of rubbish illegal dumping and you may get fined by doing so. Don’t worry about disposing of it with us because once you call us for the pickup service and we’ll give you the estimate, you will realize that we offer the most practical and most affordable price among the waste removal companies operating in Christchurch.   


To check about our waste removal services and if you want to know more about our company, you can check our website here. Right on our site, you can find the kinds of items we pick up and dispose of and each item has its collection rate so transparency is one of the keys that we want to show to our clients. We are a licensed and dedicated company and more experienced with regards to any type of waste pick-up service and we are also pursuing extending our services to nearby towns like Rolleston and Rangiora. 

We are also into mattress disposal in Christchurch as well as whiteware disposal. So if you are bothered about how to dispose of a Christmas tree regardless of its size and any type of large items from your homes, don’t stress yourself thinking about it because we are here to be of service to you. Call us on


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