How To Dispose of a Tumble Dryer

How To Dispose of a Tumble Dryer Fast

How To Dispose of a Tumble Dryer

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Since your tumble dryer won’t be picked up by the council’s waste pickup truck, do you know where and how to dispose of a tumble dryer in Christchurch city? We understand your problem so we would like to offer you three solutions. We know that tumble dryers are some of the heaviest types of household dryers and they are also made of heavy-duty metal because they are predominantly heavy and large. But since this is a whiteware type of household machine, your first option is taking it to a transfer station and  be free of charge for the dumping .

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How To Dispose of a Tumble Dryer

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If it’s still working, people in the transfer station might take it to an eco shop and will be offered to the public for sale. But if it’s  broken or too old, it will go for scrap metal where it will be disassembled and its metal will be recycled. The question is are you able to load and unload the machine into your car or truck and spend time traveling down to the transfer station to dump it? Do you also have the vehicle to carry its bulk? If not then you may need to borrow or rent a trailer.

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The second solution is to take all its metal out including its motor which you can sell to a junk yard. But doing so may take you a while disassembling the machine while only earning very little money from your effort. Also, what’s left of the machine would be scraps of rubbers and plastics which you need to dispose of. So in this option of how to dispose of a tumble dryer without taking it to the dump, this is not practical.

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For the third solution, why not hire us for our single item pickup service and we’ll do the disposal for you at a minimal charge? We will pick up your machine from your home and your problem of how to dispose of a tumble dryer will quickly vanish. We have been operating in Christchurch city for more than 10 years and our single item pick up service is one of the best. You can easily contact us for the job, pay us with your credit card or through PayPal and choose your preferred pickup date. 



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  • You can pick your own date for a pick up and we’ll be there. Our cheap rubbish removal Christchurch is very flexible with pickup bookings.

You don’t have to. You just place your items on your driveway or footpath right on your selected pick up date and we will pick it up on that date. 

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