Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

Helpful Ways to Dispose of you old Piano

Do you want to get rid of your piano?

How to dispose of piano when you want to upgrade or get rid of it from your place? Disposing of a piano is a hard task. It involves a lot of work because a piano is large, heavy, and cannot be discarded like regular rubbish; plus, you cannot just throw it at the curb and expect the rubbish service to pick it up. It is also made of materials that cannot be thrown in the landfill.

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano
Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

Disposing of a piano may be a difficult decision, especially if it has sentimental value to you. But time will eventually come when you need to rid yourself of your valued piano. Unless of course, you are into collecting vintage items, or you have spacious storage that can hold it for a long time. But chances are, even if it is vintage, it will have little to no market value if it is not in a working condition. It will just collect dust if you keep it.

In this blog, we have outlined ways how to dispose of piano you have but no longer need. Some ways will save you money but will take your time. But there are also ways that will save you time at a low price.

How to Recycle Old Piano Instead of Throwing It Out

With regular maintenance, a piano can last for a long time, but if it has reached the end of its life, it is best to recycle them properly. Since a piano is a valuable item, you can still try how to recycle old piano first before choosing to throw them away. A piano can be recycled by breaking it down into parts. It is typically made of materials that can be reused: different kinds of steel, cast iron, brass, copper, and good quality wood.

  • Convert It To A New Piece of Furniture

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

A piano, especially a grand piano, is a beautiful piece of woodwork. It is made of high-quality wood, mostly maple, oak, and rosewood. These quality materials can be converted or repurposed into creative pieces of furniture. You only need a skilled carpenter to assemble the materials into a new useful piece of furniture.

There are websites, like Pinterest, that can give you ideas into what piece of furniture you can convert the old piano. There are also tutorials on how you can convert it to other things.

  • Convert It To A Piece of Art

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

Converting a piano into a piece of art is a creative technique how to recycle old piano. Even the other parts of the piano you think cannot be recycled, can still be used. Its keys and other hardware can be used for art sculptures. Its wooden parts can also be turned into art.

  • Break It Apart

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

If you break down the piano into parts, you will notice that each part has scrap value. Its strings are steel wire and often have copper winded around them; both of them can be sold. The heaviest part of a piano is its frame that is often made of cast iron, which can be sold too. The wood parts can be reassembled to make a new piece of furniture. Its ivory keys can also be used by shops that rebuild pianos, however, it is against the law to sell or trade ivory.

  • Through Recycling Centres

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

Since recycling centers accept a range of recyclable items, this can be an alternative on how to recycle old piano. The piano will still be subject to assessment. The centers can charge you for the drop-off but it can also be for free depending on their assessment.But most centers wont take it as not many people want pianos anymore.

If you choose to recycle the piano through recycling centers, the problem for you would be hauling the item to the nearest one. If your vehicle has space for transporting a piano, this will be easy, but if you don’t, you may need to hire a trailer to transport it.

Note: If you want to dismantle the piano apart, let the experts do it for safety reasons. Piano strings are under high tension, and its frame holds tons of pressure that can cause injury if not properly removed. Not to mention that it has some parts that are valuable but are delicate. 

Ways to Dispose of Piano

If recycling the piano can be too much work for you, the other choice you have is to dispose of it. We can offer you some options on how to dispose of the piano. Some countries allow pianos to be thrown beside the bins and dumped at landfills, but here, we have to give extra effort in throwing things that cannot break down naturally, like a piano. Having been in the business of rubbish removal for more than 10 years, we are familiar with how to get rid of old pianos you have in your home or office. This can be for both the grand piano and the upright piano you do not want to keep.

  • Through Trade-up Programs

There are piano shops that offer a trade-up program. This is where you can trade in your piano for credit. You can use this credit on your next piano purchase from the same shop. This option is best for how to dispose of piano and upgrade at the same time. Some shops even offer trade-up for both acoustic and digital pianos.

In this way, you will only spend money as an additional for the needed upgrade and not for the disposal itself. However, a trade-up program of a piano is only applicable if your piano has proper maintenance, and is still in decent condition. The piano to be trade-in is still subject to assessment.

  • By Selling Your Piano 
1. via Online Platforms

One way how to dispose of piano is to sell it. If it is in working condition, you can list it for sale (or free) at Craigslist or any online platform in your area. There might be someone who wants to learn to play piano that is willing to take it off your hands, especially if it is for free. If the piano just needs a few repairs, you can sell it for a low price, If you want to get rid of it faster, you can put it up for free as long as the interested client will pick it up.

This is a good option for how to get rid of old upright piano for people who own one. People looking for secondhand pianos prefer this because an upright piano takes up less space which makes it easier to transport.

2. via Consignment

If the piano you want to discard is still in a working condition and has minimal signs of wear, you can sell it on consignment. You need not worry how much it costs to dispose of a piano because retailers will get the piano as their stock. Retailers accept consignments to increase their stock. They also have the means to store the piano in a protected environment and have contact with people that can repair it if ever there is a need for a minor repair. When the piano is sold, the consignee will pay you (the owner) the agreed share for the sale made. 

3. via Buy and Sell Shops

If you are lucky, there might be a local dealer shop that buys a second-hand piano and resells it in your area. They can also repair the piano if there is minor damage so they can sell them. This option will save you the cost of hauling it to a distant transfer station if the shop is just nearby.

4. By Donating Your Piano

You may consider donating your piano to non-profit organizations and charities. You can donate it directly to charities so they can use it, or they can sell it and use the profit for a good cause. Some organizations even offer to pick up the item from your location; this will save you the hassle of hauling it to a store. Keep in mind that there are stores that are strict and will not take items that are in bad condition. This might also be a challenge how to dispose of piano, mainly for grand pianos, because these stores may not have enough space for such large items. But things a lot larger and heavier than pianos were sold at these stores so you may take the chance.

If donating to charity is not a possible option, you can try donating it at piano adoption websites where you can find ‘pianos that need a home’. This is also a good way to get rid of old pianos because some people are looking for a decent old piano just to practice on. You only need to provide details of the piano including its brand and model, and its current condition. You can also select the organization where you want to donate the piano.

You can check your neighborhood first or your local area to see if someone would want a second-hand piano instead of dumping it. You can also check on retirement homes, recreation centers, or orphanages in your area if they want to have the piano.

5. Through Single Item Pickup Service

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

Every item has an end of life, when you can’t repair it anymore, it is time to get rid of it. If you try the other options but no one is interested – maybe because the piano is in a much worse condition – you are left with no choice but to throw it out. In most cases, if the piano has reached its end lifespan, it cannot be brought back to its standard tuning. But disposal of a piano without spending anything can be complex. Disassembling it requires time and is not a one-person job. If you do not want to go through that hassle, let us do it for you!

You can choose to dispose of the piano through our rubbish pickup services. We know how to get rid of old upright pianos, or any type for that matter. We can do the difficult work for you at reasonable rates.

How to Get Rid Of Old Upright Piano

In an upright piano, the strings run vertically which makes it more compact compared to a grand piano. However, even if it is significantly smaller than a grand piano, it is still difficult to get rid of. 

If you are curious about how to get rid of old upright piano, you can browse from the many options mentioned above. The ways listed above how to dispose of piano applies to all types of piano, may it be grand, upright, or digital.


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How Much Does It Cost To Dispose Of a Piano From Your Area

When you run out of ways to get rid of your piano without spending money, you can dispose of the piano through the rubbish pickup services we offer. Let us do the disposal for you to save you time and effort. You may be curious about how much does it cost to dispose of a piano. At Rubbish Pick Up NZ, we offer single item pick up at affordable prices. You can check the rates of common items found at home and business that we can pick up for you here.

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

How much does it cost to dispose of a piano you may ask? Since pianos have different types, weights, and are made of different materials, it is best if you take a photo of the piano you want to get rid of, then send it to us. We will give you a free quote for your needed service. We will need the location where the item will be picked up. This is the same process for other items not included in the list. 


We are familiar with the challenges that come with piano disposal (or any other item disposal). A piano that came with the property? A piano passed down for generations but has no value anymore? Need an upgrade? That’s why we are here! Whatever your reason for knowing how to dispose of piano, no matter how big or small, we can dispose of it for you efficiently.


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