How to Get Rid of Big Pieces of Furniture

How to Get Rid of Big Pieces of Furniture

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Whether you are doing a mini-renovation in your home, downsizing, or just decluttering where you need to remove big bulky items, one major problem that comes to mind will be how to get rid of big pieces of furniture? A ratty old couch that already needs replacement, a table too large for a family dinner, or a nice set of shelves that is still in mint condition but does not fit the owner’s design concept – are just some large items of furniture we encounter when disposing of furniture. The next question you could come upon would be how much does it cost to dump furniture especially if you already spent money on buying new home improvement items.

Before getting rid of an item, you need to make sure that you will not need it anymore in the future. You need to consider if you can or cannot recycle the piece of furniture you will dispose of. Some furniture is made of wood, which you can repurpose and convert into other useful things. You also need to consider how many items you are getting rid of, how much volume it would take when you load it, and whether or not you will use a furniture disposal service.

If you need to get rid of the furniture immediately, you need to discard it efficiently. Christchurch CCC rubbish service is known for having strict guidelines. First, its people cannot pick up big pieces of furniture. Second, they can only collect under 70 kilograms. And third, if you place the furniture next to or on top of bins, it will still not be collected. This makes you wonder how to get rid of big furniture items you have in your home that you need to throw away. But do not worry because you can count on us to have solutions for any rubbish disposal jobs. With over 10 years of excellent service in local waste management, we will help you solve these problems and give you some helpful options that you can choose from.

Effective Ways of Disposing of Furniture

Breaking the Items Into Smaller Pieces

How to Get Rid of Big Pieces of Furniture

You can take it apart piece by piece before putting it into your  bin. This will maximize the space in your container and make it easier to get rid of big pieces of furniture. However, pay attention to what type of material you will throw into the bin because rubbish collection services are strict on the bin contents. You must still throw it into appropriate bins without exceeding the allowed weight of rubbish.

If the furniture is upholstered, remove the cushions first and throw it to the appropriate bin before disassembling the wood frame.

If it is made of wood, you can disassemble it into smaller portions. Target the connections between the wood blocks to make the job easier. You may have to use a hammer and a saw.

  • Drop It at Recycling Centres

There are recycling centers near the transfer stations that can help with how to get rid of big pieces of furniture. They accept a wide range of reusable things including big pieces of furniture if the furniture is still in a condition where it can be reused. Some recycling centers accept it for free but it will still be subject to inspection. Drop off of the furniture is accepted. Some recycling centers also offer collection but with appropriate charges and some only accept payment through cashless transactions as COVID-19 protocol.

You can drop off the piece of furniture at the recycling center, but you need to consider whether or not there is enough space in your vehicle for it. Trying to fit a big piece of furniture if the vehicle is small may cause loading violations. You can personally haul away your item or can borrow a pickup truck. You can also use a trailer that can be towed but if you don’t have it, then you can hire a trailer.

  • Scrap Yards

How to Get Rid of Big Pieces of Furniture

There is furniture made of metal or has metal detailing. If this is the case, local scrap yards in your area can help you. You only need to determine whether the metal in the furniture is ferrous or non-ferrous before giving or selling for recycling. Some metal scrap yards accept both. These scrap yards will also pay you for your materials. If you choose this option, this will help how to get rid of big pieces of furniture. And in case that your vehicle is not big enough to haul these off at the nearest scrap yards, contact them if they can arrange for a pick up.

  • By Hiring a Skip

How to Get Rid of Big Pieces of Furniture

Hiring a skip is another fast and hassle-free solution to get rid of big furniture items during renovations and major cleanouts. But what is a skip? A skip is an open-topped rubbish bin you can rent depending on the size you need and on the duration you want. At Christchurch Skip Hire, they have different sizes of skip – big enough for large loads of furniture that may suit your requirements.

This option lets you load the materials into the bin and put away items at your own pace but be sure not to put any items that are not allowed such as toxic materials that can possibly contaminate other waste. This is best when you have to get rid of several pieces of furniture or bulk non-hazardous waste. You can just choose the size of the skip you need and contact them for payment details then they will deliver the hired skip to your location and haul it on the scheduled time of pickup.


If you choose to hire a skip, do not fill it over top of the bin, no matter how tempting it is to save money. Overloading the skip may be subject to restrictions that can charge penalties. It is also better to cover the top with objects like used tarpaulins to help secure the rubbish from falling.

  • By Single Item Pick Up

We can say this last option could be your best choice if you only need to dispose of a single piece or a large amount of furniture without doing any hard labor. Using our furniture removal services, this can quickly eliminate your problem of where to take your old furniture and how to dispose of it legally. With our company, we offer a single item rubbish removal service that will be the answer for how to get rid of big pieces of furniture and you can benefit from our service for the following:

  1. You need to immediately dispose of the furniture.
  2. You do not have the time to fill rubbish in a skip .
  3. You have no space for a skip.
  4. Your car has no tow bar for a trailer.

You can rely on us to get rid of the large items in your home through our single item pick-up service. You can check our single item pickup service to see the item/s you want to get rid of and if it’s not there you can send us a photo of your item/s and we will send you a quote while updating our  pickup list. 

After you have booked and selected a pickup date  we will handle everything from loading your items up to taking them to a transfer station where these will be disposed of properly. 

To explain it further, every single item that you want us to pick up has its pick up price and the price also depends on the size of the item as most furniture like beds come in different sizes. For example, the pick up charge for a single size bed is $49.95 and the double size is $62.95 and so on. If you want us to take these two items, $49.95 + $62.95 is equated to $112.90 plus $14.95 for the single travel charge. 

How to Dispose of Furniture for Free

  • Furniture Donation

How to Get Rid of Big Pieces of Furniture

Since our main goal is to discard a large piece of furniture and not really profit, how to dispose of furniture for free is by donating it to charities and non-profit organizations for the local shelters. If you will donate the big piece of furniture, it can be picked up for free by shops like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Red Cross. But the furniture should still be in decent condition and can be reused by others. 

You can donate the furniture as long as it does not have any large tears, damage, or stains, and it has not been infested with pests. It is better if it needs no repairs and can be used right away.

You can also consult the community you belong to see if anyone needs your used items. Animal shelters in your area can also make use of the furniture you want to discard. It is rewarding to know that your furniture benefited other people instead of it ending up in the dumpster.

  • Post and Sell It Online

If you are willing to wait when getting rid of your unwanted furniture, post the item on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. These online selling platforms are simple to use and do not require fees in using them. You might think no one will take your pre owned furniture, but you would not believe the things that can be taken off your hands if you post it for free online. 

If you are not comfortable with these sites, you can sell them through your social media friends. You can put up the furniture for free as long as they pick it up and this can be another way on how to dispose of furniture for free without much effort.

  • Yard Sale

How to Get Rid of Big Pieces of Furniture

Aside from selling it online, putting pieces of furniture on a yard sale is also a solution for how to dispose of furniture for free. Especially if you have several other unwanted things you can put on sale. In this way, you dispose of what you do not need and still gain a little cash for it.

How Much Does It Cost to Dump Furniture?

The disposal of rubbish and other wastes in our area can be costly. But you will spend much more than that on penalties if you do not follow Christchurch’s guidelines on rubbish disposal. So, it would be better to let experts handle it if you don’t know how to get rid of big pieces of furniture.

Being one of the most reliable in the business of rubbish removal in Christchurch, the first question we usually get from a client is the cost of rubbish removal. Our reply to clients asking how much does it cost to dump furniture is that the cost depends on what type of furniture you want to dispose of. If you need to get rid of multiple pieces of furniture, you may choose to hire a skip.But if you only need to dump one large piece of furniture, you can go for single item rubbish removal here.

The cost also depends on how big the furniture is and how urgent you need to get rid of it. If you cannot break the item into smaller pieces, let us do the disposal for you. We offer single item pick up for whiteware, all types of furniture, chair, bed, bookshelves and other common large items found in homes. If your item is not on our list on our website, you only need to call us and give us descriptions and request a quote or send us a picture. Our goal is for us to pick up your furniture and dump it for you while saving you the time and stress of getting rid of it.


There are various ways of discarding items of furniture from our homes and offices so your option will depend on the time, money, and effort you can give. Yet our company can free you from all these three! So trust us when we say we can get rid of all your problems, especially with  how to get rid of big pieces of furniture.


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