How to Get Rid of Junk in Garage?

How to Get Rid of Junk in Garage?

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Have you noticed lately that everyday your garage’s space keeps getting smaller and narrower that you can barely move and suddenly it strikes you that you need to know how to get rid of junk in the garage? But then what if some of the junk is still needed? And how do you start segregating the good items from the rubbish and what shall you do with the rubbish and with the things you want to keep? These normally would be the questions that you’ll be thinking about once you have set your mind to clear out your garage of its rubbish and junk.  

But don’t worry because we’re right here to guide you and if you follow our advice you won’t have disposal problems even with the largest of junk like old furniture and home appliances. We will also tell you more about the quickest way for whiteware disposal as well as mattress disposal which we know are some of the most difficult house furniture to get rid of. 

What Is Junk and Rubbish?

How to Get Rid of Junk in Garage
How to Get Rid of Junk in Garage

By the way, junk can be different from the rubbish itself because being junk can include large items that are meant for disposal but can still be useful by other means like recycling. Examples of this  junk is domestic home appliances big and small like refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, stoves, old microwave ovens, flat iron, old beds and furniture, and even things that are not used in homes like old bicycles, pieces of iron rods, metal scraps and much more. So junk is more the type that most of it can be recycled, reused, or repurposed. 

Rubbish, on the other hand, although some people still  call junk generally rubbish, rubbish can be categorically classified to be waste of no longer value and meant for disposing of. So today we are going to talk about junk and also rubbish because being in the business of rubbish and junk removal in Christchurch, we deal with all kinds of waste which we pick up from different sources, dispose of at the transfer station and then sorted  by workers.   

Basic Ways on How to Get Rid of Junk and Rubbish in the Garage

The first basic step on how to get rid of junk in the garage is going through categorization. To categorize is to sort the junk according to its types. You can sort your junk into 2 major categories – for disposal and for keeping. Simply, you can separate all the things that you want someone like us to pick up then organize what’s left to keep.  

Separating certain things you want to sell, recycle, donate, or keep. For example, your old refrigerator is still in good condition and you don’t want to dump it so you put it aside along with other items that you can donate or sell while the rest of the appliances that are old and broken can be picked up by us. Next is to segregate the rubbish that you want to dispose of like used paint cans, scraps of wood, plastic covers, and other items.  

And lastly is to organize what’s left and think about how to reuse them. For example, you don’t want your old metal chairs hanging around for years inside your garage so you may want to repaint them and put them in your garden. How about the old bikes which you can upgrade and use again? You can also install hooks on the wall to hang up your tools or buy large transparent plastic boxes for the stuff you need for your car, for your DIY tools, and the like. These are only some of the ways on how to segregate and organize what would remain.   

 We know there could be a time that you’ll encounter a problem with whiteware disposal or disposal of old furniture, especially mattress disposal. So what we can suggest when it comes to how to get rid of junk in garage is taking them to  places where they can be recycled. There are a few of these places we can name – Eco Drop centers, recycling centers, and junk shops. Eco Drop centers accept appliances either broken or good. The old and broken ones go to the recycling centers and the good ones will be put up for sale.    

 Let’s say your old washing machine just sat in your garage for months and it keeps eating up space along with other good items like the old fridge, microwave ovens and dryer because you have bought the upgraded versions. So why not sell them for a cheap price using the web market platforms? Or donate them if you know of an organization that accepts second-hand items near you.     

Sometimes you don’t need to look too far when you want to get rid of good items that have been part of the clutter in your garage. Do you have an extra lawn mower that you don’t want to use anymore? How about a chainsaw now that you live in a city or an old computer table from the kids’ room? How to get rid of junk in garage can sometimes be done by phone calls. Call or message your friends if they need some of your stuff or know someone who needs these extra items. As long as these are still in good shape, someone will take them.    

How to Get Rid of Junk in Garage

Dispose of the rubbish.

Now that you have already categorized and segregated the items you want to sell, donate, or give away and you already know what you have to do with the things you want to keep, what needs to be done now is how to dispose of the pile of rubbish so your garage can breathe again. 

Do you have old paint cans, expired herbicides, wood scraps, rusty metal rods, or any stuff that cannot be recycled or reused? 

Look inside your cabinets, top of the drawers, under your work table, and inside your old boxes and you will find a lot of stuff that you need to dispose of. If you want, you can bag or just pile these up outside your garage then call us to haul these away and you don’t need to do anything. So simply, whenever you need to dispose of a pile of rubbish and junk, you only need to call us for the job. 

What We Do and How to Contact Us

We offer two different kinds of help services for resident owners, business and establishment owners who need to  have the following: 

House and estate clearance service

Having problems with decluttering, cleaning and organizing your home which you have inherited from your parents? Maybe they happened to be hoarders? Or maybe you’ve done a landscaping project in your garden and have piles of rubbish you need to throw out? This is where our services work. 



Single Item Pick Up/Rubbish and Junk Removal Services 

If you’re having a problem with the disposal of old furniture, whiteware disposal, or mattress disposal in Christchurch, these are some of the best jobs that we do being the junkman of Christchurch. You can also visit our link to see the items that we pick-up and find each of their pick up rates for your convenience

You can also hire us if you want us to do an overall garage junk clearance and we can take everything or leave the things you need. In this manner,  you won’t have a problem in segregating your stuff and you only need to tell us what we’ll pick up. And that’s how we can make your life easy whenever you need a clearance job or a pick-up item service. 


How to get rid of junk in the garage can be easy if you already have a plan in mind. But if you think you can’t do the job because of the volume of the clutter or you don’t have the time to eliminate much of the bulk, what you need is us and we are only a phone call away.


For single items you want us to pick, visit our single item pickup page

But if you want a quick talk, we are only a phone call away. 

Visit also our site: Rubbish Pickup and you’ll see the different services we offer that can make your life easier and safer.  You can leave us your message and your phone number and we’ll contact you asap. Remember that we have the most affordable pickup price in  Christchurch and we also have the manpower, tools, and trucks to do any kind of rubbish removal service. 

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