Junkman Christchurch Waste Disposal Service

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Junkman Christchurch Waste Disposal Service

Waste disposal is not basically a big problem in Christchurch because we have the CCC trucks picking up our regular waste on a weekly schedule, we also have the junkman in Christchurch that we can depend on. But what is a so-called junkman? That people can call on whenever they need to dispose of large items that the ccc trucks won’t be able to pick up? 

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From the word junk which means any discarded material that is of no value but can contain recyclable parts, junk is nonetheless brought and discarded at transfer stations for possible recycling while the non recyclable items will be compacted for disposal to the dumpsites or landfills. 

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano
Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

This is why our  junkman service in Christchurch has become popular as there’s an endless flow of large junk coming from homes, offices, businesses and establishments that the owners want to dispose of. On the other hand, there are still some people that are not yet familiar with how the private Christchurch rubbish removal service companies work particularly their single item pick up services and how it can help them solve their problems when they need to dispose of large items like furniture, whiteware and other domestic equipment.  

So being in the single item rubbish pick up business for years, here is what you should know about the advantages of relying on us as your junkman service  in Christchurch and we will also tell you about our cheap rubbish pick up service.   

Benefits of A Waste Removal Service

  • If you have piles of junk that need to be removed.


When you have a collection of junk in your garage that includes large items such as television sets, old fridges, mattresses, or furniture, this may call for a quick Christchurch rubbish removal job and the best service for this is the single item pickup. Why do we recommend this instead of renting a skip where you could put a lot of rubbish in it? This is because, with single item pickup, each item can be paid for individually   unlike with a skip that you have to pay for a whole unit and may cost you more.

A skip can be practical to get if you have a large number of items that include general waste or even garden waste. But if you only need to dispose of 3 or 4 large items like whiteware, the skip may not be a practical choice. So the point is, you don’t need to rent a skip when we can take your few but large items that can cost you less. 

  • If you only need to dispose of a single large item.

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 Again, this is the most important aspect of going for the junkman Christchurch single item pick service where you could dispose of even a single item while you don’t need to haul it yourself to the transfer station and paying for the dumping fee. Our rubbish removal process in Christchurch is not very complicated to understand because we can take every piece of your junk to the transfer station except hazardous waste that can contaminate other waste. 

Yes, you can take your items at the transfer station just like what we do but the only problem you may experience with this is the hauling, the travel time and the requirement of a vehicle if your vehicle is not large enough to fit in your large junk. But with our single item pickup service, you only need to call us, tell us about your needs and we’ll be there to take every piece of your junk no matter its size and weight. In other words, we can take out all the burden that you experience when disposing of your junk.  

  •  Our Junkman Pickup service  Keeps you from having injuries.

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 Let’s say you have one large fridge that has become old and  you want to upgrade it for a new unit that is energy efficient, you can dispose of it by taking it to the transfer station. However, the problem remains. How could you take it alone with its size, weight and bulk? Doing so can hurt your back not to mention other possible injuries that you could sustain in carrying heavy junk. So, this is again  why you should call for the service of a junkman in Christchurch.   

With us, we can take your heavy fridge from where it sits, haul it on our truck and you only pay for the item based on the size of your fridge. So if your item is too heavy for you, don’t force it and let us do all the work for you. We have enough manpower, tools and our trucks are capable of carrying any type of junk, even heavy items.  

  • Saves you money and time.

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Going for cheap rubbish removal in Christchurch can save you time and money. How? Because we will do all the heavy work while you can just watch while we do our job. There’s no need to hire a number of people to take away your heavy junk and you’re not sure where they would take your waste. With us, you can be assured that we will bring every item to the transfer station where these would be sorted or recycled and only the unrecyclable will go to the landfills. 


Junkman Christchurch Reduce Environmental Impact

 With our waste removal service, you can help in the reduction of  pollution that is caused by inappropriate disposal of waste being done by other people. Especially with some whiteware that contains hazardous materials, these should stay away from the ground and near waterways so hiring us for the hauling is tantamount to helping the environment avoid the possibility of sustaining an impact from possible pollution.    

How We Do Our Job With Rubbish Removal in Christchurch

Junkman Christchurch Waste Disposal Service

Getting our junkman in Christchurch service  is a breeze. For your convenience, we have on our website where you can check the list of different items that can be found in homes and business establishments like beds, fridges, couches, and many more. So if you have an old mattress you want to take out from your home, our mattress disposal in Christchurch could be the answer. If you have a whiteware you want to get rid of, our whiteware disposal service could provide you the best service and we’ll pick up any kind of appliance you want out of your kitchen. 

What Happens When Hiring Us for the Junk Removal Job

Junkman Christchurch Waste Disposal Service

You can check your item on our site and see the pickup charge for each item. If the item comes in a variety of sizes, every size also has a corresponding hauling charge. You only need to add the item into the cart and the cost automatically adjusts .

If you want to talk to us directly, just call us on



and tell us about your problem.

Generally speaking, we can do any type of rubbish removal in Christchurch. That’s why being known as a junkman in Christchurch has become synonymous with what we do everyday.


The main goal of our company is to help people get rid of their junk, especially their large items that the CCC trucks would not take. We want to help people also by eliminating their worries with how to take these things themselves to the transfer stations or to the eco drop centers which can even cause injuries during the hauling. So being known as the junkman in Christchurch,suits us fine.

Junkman Christchurch Waste Disposal Service

If you want us to pick up your items even if you’re not home, you can just leave your stuff on your drive and it will be gone before you get home. However, only the items that we have agreed to pick up will be taken. That’s why communication is very important. 

If you have questions or if you want to add your items to our list, call us and we will update our list then we’ll give you a fast quote. We can also give you free advice so if there’s any question in mind with regards to our single item pick up service, don’t hesitate to talk to us. And that’s how convenient it is to have us for your rubbish removal in Christchurch.  

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