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Oven disposal is one of the many problems that many households and food establishments need to attend to once their stoves get too old, require too many fixes and always malfunction. In most cases, homeowners and restaurant managers would opt to buy new stoves rather than depend on malfunctioning ovens that may not work when it’s needed.

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However, although old oven removal may sound so simple, it’s not easy to dispose of them as CCC only  picks up our wheelie bins and our eco shops won’t accept them because obviously nobody would want a deteriorated oven. On the other hand, there are two things you can do to make it easy for you to dispose of your oven. One, since ovens and stoves are mainly made of different kinds of metals, you can disassemble it and separate the metals from the glass, rubber, and plastics and take the metals either to an eco shop and give it for free or sell it to a recycling shop and earn a little amount from your big effort. Not very practical you would say

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And two, you can hire us for your disposal of the oven and we’ll pick up the item either from in front of your house or we’ll take it from where it stands and you’ll be done with it. No need to disassemble your old stove which can take hours to do and can be a waste of time on your part. Oven removal service is one of our services to help Christchurch city eliminate the problem of oven disposal  because we don’t want to see our beautiful  environment getting ruined by seeing illegally dumped old stoves behind trees and in people’s backyards, that’s why we are offering a cheap single item pickups for all items that you want rid of in your homes and business.

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We operate within Christchurch city and if you want to know more about our single-item pickup service, you can click here. For single items, this should not be your problem for disposal. We can take old furniture, appliances and many other large items that you want gone from your homes or offices including TVs, CRT monitors, old computers and many more. 

So when it comes to disposing of old stoves and looking for oven removal near me, don’t forget our team.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • You can pick your own date for a pick up and we’ll be there. Our cheap rubbish removal Christchurch is very flexible with pickup bookings.

You don’t have to. You just place your items on your driveway or footpath right on your selected pick up date and we will pick it up on that date. 

Rubbish removal Christchurch can only pick up and dispose of items that have been pre-booked online.

We can pick it up from where it sits but make sure you are present during our agreed pickup schedule and time.  In case you will not be home during our pickup date, call us 2 to 3 days prior to pickup date and we will try to schedule you for another booking date.

Yes we can empty your green, yellow or red CCC bins. You only need to book your pickup schedule from our schedule pick up menu.

Yes we can. But you have to ring us for a free quote and arrange for a pick up time. You can also pick your item from among our listed items here with their corresponding pickup price for easier booking.

You can snap a picture of your item and text it to us. Then call us and we will add your item and update our website while you’re on your phone. We will then arrange for a pickup while we talk.

You can take pictures of your larger items and also your general wastes then send them to us. Single items have categorical pickup price so we will do a separate quote for your general wastes.  We specialize in junk removal Christchurch so we can deal also with assorted waste.