How To Dispose of a Dryer ?


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You’re not sure where and how to dispose of a dryer you want to replace because the CCC waste pickup truck won’t take it? Well, worry no more because you have three things you can do with it. First is taking your dryer to the transfer station and just leaving it there. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to pay for the disposal fee because this is whiteware. Why is it free for whiteware?  It’s because in good condition or not, whiteware can still be useful. 

If your whiteware is still in good shape, this will be taken into an eco shop store to be offered for sale to the public. But if it’s not working anymore or too old for reselling, this will go to the recycling center and it will be stripped of its metals for recycling. 

The second option is by disassembling the dryer and selling the metal including the motor to a recycling yard. Whiteware motors are composed of lots of copper wires so almost every piece of the old dryer won’t go to waste. 

However, there are two issues with these first and second options and you may not be able to cope with how to dispose of a dryer properly with these methods. Why? 

For the first option, your effort is needed because you have to load and unload the dryer into your pickup truck then spend time traveling. So even if the dumping fee is free, your time and effort would be critically needed. For your second option, you can only earn very few bucks from stripping down your old machine while you may also spend much time for the job. 

Finally, the third option is with our service. With us, you don’t need to do anything but only contacting us for the pickup, pay us online at a minimal charge and book your convenient pickup date. We will come to your place, pick up your dryer, take it to the transfer station and your problem of how to dispose of a dryer will be instantly out of your way. 

If you want to know the kinds of services we offer, checkout the rest of our website From there, you can leave us a message and tell us about your needs including your phone number and we’ll call you asap. On our site, you can check on the items that we pick up which have a corresponding pick-up rate per item. And that’s how to dispose of a dryer our way which also becomes the easiest and most convenient way in disposing of any large item from the households in Christchurch city.