Old Washing Machine Disposal


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Problem With Old Washing Machine Disposal in Christchurch ?

Some of the problems in Christchurch when it comes to the disposal of whiteware include old washing machine disposal. In New Zealand, we call household electrical appliances the whiteware and examples are the fridges, tumble dryers, dishwashers, cookers and other kinds of appliances used to hasten household chores. Unfortunately, the problem arises when this whiteware needs to be replaced. But most people don’t know how to dispose of them properly. That’s why we are offering the best solutions to prevent people from leaving them in places where they cause environmental issues.  

There are ways to solve the issue of disposal of old washing machines. The first option is taking the machine to the CCC’s transfer station and you don’t need to pay a dumping fee. At the transfer station, the people working there will check your machine and if it’s still in good shape, this might be taken at an eco shop for selling. If not, this will land at a recycling center. However, if you’re a busy person and just want to get rid of your machine quickly, you’ll need somebody to dispose of it for you and that’s where we can be of help. 

The second option is to strip your machine off its metals and take the metals to a scrap metal yard to sell. But again, do you have the time to do this when you can only earn a few dollars for selling the metal? If this is not what you want, then we are here to help because we are the best in the old washing machine disposal business.   

Think about how it benefits you once we pick up your old washing machine for disposal.  If you want to know how much other  items cost to dispose of regardless if it’s an old freezer, a tumbler dryer, or any large whiteware or even an old bed or mattress, you can see our list of items there with their corresponding pick up rates. So no need for you to worry because our single item pick up service is what we do best at a very affordable rate.