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Here at rubbishpickup.co.nz we get asked almost everyday Where can I dump my old tv ? Also people ask can i take my old tv to the dump yes you can certainly dump your old flat screen tv at the local tip also the older model CRT TVs with the big cases and tubes. The question we get asked the most is where to dump old tv for free? Because everybody like things for free but in some cases free is not always best because you need to be careful that your old tv doesn’t end up Being dumped down some dark backroad we all need to look after our environment so only use a reputable dumping service. But if your TVs is still in working order you might be able to get rid of it at your local eco drop center but for them to take it it has to be in working order and unfortually theses days nobody repairs tv sets anymore because its cheaper just to throw it out and purchase a new one.
But that leaves us with a big problem of what to do with our old electronics. So if you are thinking to yourself Where can I dump my old tv? you have 3 options 1 if its still going take it to your local eco drop center 2 If its a big old fashioned tv you will have to hire a trailer and take it to the dump yourself pay for your trailer hire plus your time and dump fees. Or 3 order a pickup online and we will come and dispose of your tv for you. We are a trusted rubbish removal service in Christchurch and have been in the dumping and recycling industry for over 10 years we know what we are doing and can provide you the easiest and most cost effective service in Christchurch

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