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Rangiora Rubbish Removal: What You Need To Know

The town of Rangiora is recognized for its role in providing opportunities for different business, commercial, and community developments which makes us think about how Rangiora rubbish removal works for this developing town. With Rangiora being considered as the main population centre of the Waimakariri district, there should be an effective waste management plan to be able to keep up with its fast development.


Rangiora is the largest town and urban area in Waimakariri District covering 16.83 km² in land area and with a population projected to increase to more than 22,100 individuals by the year 2023. In the past, Rangiora was a service town for agricultural industries. And today, it still holds its agricultural society through farming, dairying, and fruit growing. It has also become a fast-growing destination for tourists and has a range of cafes, restaurants, boutique shops, and picnic spots. Also with its projected growth, this town continues to present opportunities for potential investors.

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano
Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

Rangiora is about 29 kilometers north of Christchurch, just a 25-minute drive via State Highway 74. So essentially, the population is growing and lives were flourishing in Rangiora because the nearby Christchurch is already a developed city. However, the population of Rangiora suddenly declined due to the earthquake that happened in 2010. This earthquake has devastated several structures and business  which prompted many people from Rangiora to live in Christchurch. And today, the people are slowly coming back and the town is now beginning to grow due to its commercialization.  

Rangiora Rubbish Removal

Importance of Proper Rubbish Disposal

Rubbish management is a problem in Rangiora because just like in Christchurch, it is also now getting populated and growing. But the council in Rangiora has many good plans, especially about its rubbish removal system.

If we talk about Rangiora’s objectives for proper waste management, these are all for the betterment of the town and these are the following:

To prevent rubbish from going to the wrong places and help prevent contamination of water sources not only to protect the health of the people but also in preserving the people’s cultural and spiritual values.

To prevent contamination of soil, considering there are agricultural industries in Rangiora and neighboring towns.

To prevent unwanted smells and harmful odors around Rangiora.

Rangiora Waste Management

The reduction in our waste as encouraged by the Waste Minimization Act of 2008 aims to lessen the environmental impact of waste and benefit our community. This Act also gives the local government the responsibility to plan and implement effective waste management within their district. The Waimakariri District Council – which oversees Rangiora rubbish collection and other neighboring townships’ waste management has two main goals with regard to waste. The first is to improve the efficiency of resource use, so waste created is minimized. The second is to reduce the effects of waste that can be harmful.

Along with Rangiora’s growing economy is its demand for additional floor spaces for potential business. Additional spaces and business operations will mean an increase in the city’s economic gain but it can also result in additional rubbish that will need to be disposed of.Rangiora Rubbish Removal

The Council provides residents and stakeholders of Rangiora rubbish removal services through Curbside Collection and waste disposal, diversion, and recycling through the local transfer stations. Transfer stations are where the rubbish will be sorted, packed, and prepared for transport. It seeks to recycle as much as possible to lessen the amount of waste that will go to the rubbish.

There are two transfer stations for the town of Rangiora that accepts rubbish from household and commercial establishments and provides a range of rubbish disposal. First is the Oxford Transfer Station that operates on Fridays and Sundays and second is the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park that operates all days of the week.

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Expanded Kerbside Collection Service and The Rules

The Waimakariri District Council provides a curbside collection service where residents and businesses who will opt for this service are offered optional organics and rubbish wheelie bins in addition to their recycling bin and Council rubbish bags.

Knowing what to put and what to NOT put in each designated wheelie bin helps reduce the rubbish that might go to the landfill.

Recycling Bin (Yellow Bin)

Because recyclable plastics have a low threshold for contamination, it is important to know what materials can be put in the recycling bin. Once you put the wrong item in the bin and the other items are contaminated, everything might have to be thrown in the landfill. Owners with continued contamination of the yellow bin may be subject to a withdrawal of service in the Rangiora rubbish collection.

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The recycling bin will be collected fortnightly. The contents of this bin should not exceed 70kg in weight for it to be collected. The items that must be in your yellow bin are rigid plastic bottles and containers not larger than 3L, clean and flat cardboard, aluminum cans, metal tins, aerosols, jars, and glass bottles (without lids). The recycling bin must be free of any biodegradable packaging and lids for containers.

Rubbish Bin (Red Bin) and Council Rubbish bags

The rubbish bin and rubbish bags are collected fortnightly, in alternate weeks to recycling bin collection. There is also a 70 kilograms’ weight limit for the red bin and a 15-kilograms limit for the Council rubbish bags. The bins should not be overloaded or they will not be collected by rubbish collection trucks.

red bin Christchurch

The items that must be in the red bin are general household waste, soft plastics, tetra packs, liquid cartons, non-compostable garden waste, old items of clothing, broken glass (must be wrapped).

Organic Bin (Green Bin)

The organics from the green bin will be turned into compost. Similar to recycling bins, if you put the wrong item in the bin and the other items are contaminated, everything might have to be thrown in the landfill. This bin also cannot exceed the 70-kilogram weight limit but is collected weekly.

Organic bins can contain compostable garden waste, food waste, coffee grinds, shredded papers, and papers that are smaller than an envelope. On the other hand, it must not contain plastic bags, timber, ash, animal waste, stones, glass, and metals.

Rangiora Rubbish Removal

Our Role in Rangiora Rubbish Removal

Just like in Christchurch, you can only dispose of limited waste into the bins because overloading the bins is prohibited. For this reason, some people do illegal rubbish dumping or fly-tipping. Fly-tipping is the dumping of rubbish on public properties illegally and this prohibited act is issued with dumping and littering fines. Bagged rubbish is some of the illegal rubbish usually thrown. Aside from these, big pieces of furniture like fridges, couches, and mattresses are also usually dumped illegally. This happens not only in Rangiora but also in its neighboring towns.

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If illegal rubbish dumping is caused by people not knowing ways to get rid of their rubbish, then this problem could continue forever. And if people do not know how to properly dispose of appliances or even big items like furniture, as these are not part of Rangiora’s rubbish collection scheme, this can also produce a bigger problem. That’s why we at Rubbish Pick Up NZ want to help you, people of Rangiora. Yes, we are now based in Christchurch but we can provide you an efficient Rangiora rubbish removal service especially with our single item pick-up service which is designed to collect large items, bagged rubbish and bin contents if you have a missed out collection by your collection trucks.

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Yes, our business is currently operating in Christchurch as a locally-owned business specializing in rubbish removal. And being in this business for more than 10 years, we have gained much experience in dealing with different challenges in the disposal of all types of rubbish.   The waste problem has now become manageable in our city with our help. And now, we want to extend our services to the nearby towns like Rangiora and our goal  is to help this town to manage its own waste and not be a burden or a hindrance in the town’s fast development.

Rangiora Rubbish Removal Service?

Checking our website, you can see that we specialize in single item pick up service. This service does not only apply to households in residential areas but we also provide rubbish removal for other establishments considered to be small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Institutions like churches and schools can also avail of our single item pick-up service because these establishments are regularly disposing of large items which are difficult to dispose of.  

Our point is, we can pick up rubbish that is hard to dispose of and which the regular Rangiora rubbish collection trucks would not take. From mattress disposal to removal of big pieces of furniture, we can easily do it for you. We know you can do it yourself by taking it to the dump or transfer stations but doing so requires manpower and a large vehicle for the hauling. So DIY dumping can take too much of your effort and time aside from you will also pay for the dumping fee. So why not hire us for the pickup service and you just sit there and relax.

What do we do with your rubbish? We will be the ones to drop it off at either of the two transfer stations in Rangiora where your rubbish will be assessed, sorted out, or recycled.

Single Item Pick Up for Whiteware and Other Rubbish Removal

Rangiora has given retailers good opportunities, especially for whiteware shops and boutiques. This suggests that residents and other businesses operating in this area may have increased their usage of whiteware. As a result,  there’s more  whiteware that needs to be disposed of. This type of waste cannot be easily thrown away. Whiteware has components that can be harmful to people if not disposed of properly as these can contain toxic and harmful chemicals that can be damaging if released into the environment.

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Aside from mattress disposal or furniture disposal we mentioned, you can also call us if you need help with whiteware disposal. Through our single item pick-up service, you can dispose of your old TVs, stove, or fridges, and any appliance in your home or office. Any appliance that you cannot donate or sell to others anymore, we can dispose of it for you.

For the list of other items we can pick up, along with their corresponding charges, don’t forget to check out our website here. Say, you want our help with mattress disposal. Our pick up charge for one mattress will be around $24.95 to $49.99, depending on the size that you want to get rid of.

If the item you wanted to dispose of is not shown on our website, you can call us on  0273106127

 and attach a picture of your rubbish and we can give you a quote right away. We respect and understand the district’s waste disposal guidelines and you can trust us to do Rangiora rubbish removal properly. When we do our job, we also observe proper health and safety standards and environmental precautions of every place we visit.


The town of Rangiora has now become a fast-developing town in the Waimakariri District. And along with the town’s progress is the demand for additional rubbish removal services to keep up with its development.  We at Rubbish Pick Up NZ support the nation’s aim to lessen the environmental impact of waste and benefit our community through effective waste management. However, we offer our services not to replace Rangiora’s waste management system but only to give a hand when people experience difficulties in disposing of their junk and rubbish.

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

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