What Should Go Into the Red Bin in Christchurch

Too Much Rubbish To Fit In Your Red Bin?

did you miss your bin collection ? or do you have more rubbish than bin space?

The  red bins in Christchurch city is an excellent service in Christchurch city where people can get rid of their rubbish that doesn’t have the potential for recycling or composting. However, the red bin’s specific use still gives some confusion with many of our residents in the city particularly about what waste should be dumped in them. 

Since the CCC has provided our community with green, yellow and red bins for individual houses, we are now dedicating this page to inform people about what they can put in these bins and what’s the best thing they can do if they need help in hauling their excess rubbish.

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The Colored Waste Bins

Colored waste bins are used worldwide for households and business establishments to help governments manage their waste starting from waste segregation on the source. And in some countries, they use about 5 different coloured bins for different kinds of waste: blue for recyclables, green for organics, red for landfill waste, yellow for mixed recycling and white for soft plastic recycling. 

But in New Zealand, we generally have three individual bins for certain types of waste. The green bin also stands for organic waste (compostable), yellow for mixed recycling, and red for landfill waste. So since we don’t have the blue and yellow bins, where do the recyclables and the soft plastic go?

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Basically what we follow in Christchurch is our CCC’s waste segregation standard which identifies that all the recyclables should go to the yellow bins while the soft plastics will be dumped to the red bins and will be included for landfill disposal. Red bins, in this effect, means this is the bin for dumping  the general waste. 

To define general waste particularly in Christchurch, these are the waste that cannot be included among the compostable and recyclable waste. So basically , when one’s waste does not belong to the green and yellow bin, it should go to the red bin.

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On the other hand, the CCC waste pickup trucks follow a pattern with their collections. So when they collect waste from the green bins, these will be dumped directly into the composting sites. And when they collect recyclable waste from the yellow bins, they dump these at the transfer stations for further segregation. For the red bins, the waste is also dumped into the transfer stations in a different location to undergo another loading process. The remaining waste is disposed of into the landfills and these include soft plastics.

Types of Wastes for Each Colored Bin

 The green bin collection in Christchurch happens once a week and the yellow and red bins are collected every two weeks. Here are the types of waste that should go to every bin:

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Green bins are for compostable waste

 These are the softer biodegradable waste that can be composted but should not contain any toxic substances. Examples are leftover food, vegetable trimmings, kitchen leftovers, cut flowers, leaves and garden trimmings. The collection is once a week and the day for pickup is based on your location. 

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Yellow bins are only for the recyclables

Examples are clean hard plastics, glass and bottles (can be broken, clear and colored), all kinds of metals, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic containers ,aerosol cans, clean paper (newspaper, white paper, printed paper without toxic ink) and some cleaning containers.  The collection is every two weeks and the day of pickup also depends on your location. 

With the many waste types  that can be dumped into the green and yellow bins, this brings us to our next question, what can you put in the red bin? 

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What Can You Put in the Red Bin?

The red bin in Christchurch is the largest among the three bins because this is for general waste that cannot be composted or recycled and must go to the landfill. 

The waste that should go in the red bins can include: 

Any plastic or containers that can be crumpled by hands like courier bags, shopping bags, juice containers, coffee cups, rice and frozen food bags, bubble wrap,  and other fragile food packaging. So in effect, any soft plastic should be in the red bin. 

Waste from the kitchen like frozen food bags, spoiled bread and pasta, broken plates, empty liquid cartons, biscuit and candy wrappers, cereal liners, plastic lids, and yogurt bottles

Typical waste from the bedrooms and bathrooms like old shoes,  feminine napkins, clothes hangers and nappies

Backyard waste such as flax, branches, cabbage tree leaves, timber, sawdust and ash (must be cooled off for days before disposing of)

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Red rubbish bin collection in Christchurch happens every two weeks,  Your waste pickup day would depend on your CCC’s schedule and your location. Scheduling is done for all our communities within Christchurch city. So during the days that there’s no scheduled collection in your area, that may mean the CCC’s pickup trucks are doing their rounds in other areas.

As you can see, the red bin in Christchurch will be your last resort for dumping your non-compostable and non-recyclable waste. However, you don’t want to have problems with the CCC collection team because often they won’t take the content of your bins if you are being careless in putting the wrong stuff into them. 

So what about the hazardous waste ?

Hazardous waste can be taken to any transfer station, they have drive-thrus for the travelers to dump their waste and there are bins there for people to drop a small amount of recycling rubbish for free. 

But if you have so much waste to dispose of and your bins cannot handle anymore, you better call for a private rubbish pickup service for help and this is what we are good at. We can take rubbish of any sort including large items like furniture and whiteware.

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Why are Soft Plastics for Red Bin Only?

Going back to the topic of soft plastic for red bin dumping, this is to clarify some issues why it should not be included among the recyclables. 

Soft plastics are predominantly elastic. Meaning they can easily wrap around the machines’ grinding mechanisms that are designed to crush recyclables such as hard plastics, bottles and paper. When soft plastics wrap around the mechanisms or teeth of the machines, the staff manually take them out or these will stall or break the machines and stop the operation in the recycling center altogether. This is why, if you check the CCC’s site for the red bin disposal, you will discover that in the recycling plants, only hard plastics are allowed when it comes to recyclable plastics.

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Another problem with the soft plastics that get mixed up with the recyclable plastics is that because the CCC also sells the collected recyclable plastics to some recycling companies, once they see that soft plastics are included, the whole batch of the recyclable plastics can be rejected. So as much as possible, the separation of hard plastics from the soft plastics must be done from the source which in this case are the households, food and business establishments.  

At the landfill, soft plastics can easily degrade and disintegrate due to environmental factors. So it’s still safe for the environment to take these kinds of synthetic materials and these also don’t cause any leachate or pollution to bodies of water. 

Missed Your Red Bin Collection?

The collection of the waste in the red bin in Christchurch is often controversial as some people complain about their waste not being collected by the CCC waste collection truck. So as was mentioned, this can be due to the wrong type of waste that was dumped into the red bins. If you don’t want to wait for another two weeks for a pickup, you can have two choices if you want to get rid of your non-recyclable waste fast. 

The first option is to try to sort out your waste again and dump the collected waste accordingly into the colored bins. But if this sounds tedious and messy, you have the second but better option. The second option is by calling us  and we’ll take care of the disposal for you. You can order a pickup here.

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Our Rubbish Pickup Service

In our 10 years of providing rubbish pickup service to the people of Christchurch city, we are familiar with how to get rid of your waste in the quickest ways possible and without hassles. We also follow safety protocols since one of our goals is to help the city maintain a clean and healthy environment for our community. This is why we always do our work according to government standards. 

Not only do we help people solve their problems with red rubbish bin collection in Christchurch but we can also do single item pickup for households and business establishments no matter how big or how many items they have. If you have problems getting rid of your old, huge bed or a heavy fridge and you want it gone, We will come to your place and pick up your item. You don’t even need to help us load your rubbish into our truck because we have men and tools to do this for you. 

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For the hazardous waste, you can try taking these to the nearest transfer station  like car batteries, metals, broken gadgets, paint cans and the like and you won’t be charged because these can be recycled. You can also leave your large items or appliances for free. But if you don’t have time for the task, you can also call us for the job.

Got Rubbish In Christchurch? Call Us

If you want to know more about our waste pickup service, Click Here 

No need to wait for a fortnight for your waste to be picked up especially if you have lots of it. 

So don’t worry about your excess rubbish for your red bin in Christchurch city anymore or if you have a problem disposing of your big and heavy items. Just call us on 0273106127 and we’ll be there.

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