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Removal of junk and rubbish in Christchurch is quite simple. As long as the junk fits into the bins and the rubbish is sorted into their proper bins, then you have no problem with the councils’ rubbish pickup trucks. But if you have to much rubbish or its too large to fit in your bin. Then you better call for the waste busters.

Rubbish Removal Christchurch Junk Pickup
removal of junk

And we say the waste busters because these are the private companies or licensed groups like us who are into picking up junk and rubbish be it large or small. We also dispose of your waste just like the CCC trucks dispose of yours to the transfer stations as long as it’s not all biodegradable. By the way, did you know that you can take your recyclable and hazardous waste to an eco drop shop and leave it there for free?

removal of junk

The colored bins are part of NZ’s effective management of waste, particularly rubbish that comes from the households. So let’s take a quick tour of how these bins are used especially in Christchurch before we’ll be telling you how we can deal with your junk and rubbish.

removal of junk
removal of junk
removal of junk

In Christchurch, we have here 3 colored bins for our waste for every household. The smallest one is the green bin where only the organic but compostable waste should be dumped. The second largest is the red bin for the non-recyclables and this is where you need to put the residual waste or waste that should go to the landfills. The largest of the bins is the yellow bin which is designated to catch all the recyclables. And when we say recyclables, it means “cleaned recyclables” only – no mix-up of oily plastic containers, no bottles with gunk, no wet paper or anything that could render the contents of the bin contaminated.

Restrictions for the Removal of Junk From Home

At the transfer station, If its sorted again people manually pick up your junk and waste by separating the clean recyclables from the non-recyclables and dirty recyclables. With such tedious and dirty tasks, these people are not only open to possibly getting infected with deadly microorganisms that have been living in the waste but also with sharp and pointed solid objects that some people have included in their waste.

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The same with the waste that you dumped into the yellow bins, if you have included a material that is dirty and should not be there, your bin can get tagged by the council’s waste checker and can be marked as a “hot bin” in the council’s database. This means the 3rd time you violate the segregation rules, your yellow bin can be confiscated even without your knowledge. That’s part of the learning process for proper waste management in the city.

removal of junk

Why are we telling you this? Because this is where people mostly need our service: their waste not getting picked up by the council’s truck, the bins were taken or you have to much waste and the bin cannot accommodate it all. Another thing that people wanted  is to pick up the large items that cant fit into the bins. Examples are old fridge’s, furniture, old beds and mattresses and so on. 

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Our Role With the Christchurch Rubbish System

As a private company in Christchurch, part of our service is to help with Christchurch rubbish management disposing of household waste. And we at have been in the rubbish pickup business in Christchurch for more than a decade. So needless to say, part of our job is to load up and take people’s rubbish and junk to the transfer station. Most of the waste we take is general waste which means mixed-up waste that can contain recyclables and non-recyclables.

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Removal of junk from homes is our biggest role in the city which we do on a booking system. And what we call junk are things that are generally recyclables or can be reused. It can be your old stereo that you want to get rid or an old stove, a dilapidated old bed, blocks of woods, or a damaged washing machine. It can also be smaller things like iron for clothes, broken radios, electric fans or anything that have parts that can be recycled.  If the junk is deemed usable at the transfer station, this will be brought to an eco drop shop and will be sold as a second-hand or used item.

Removal of Rubbish in Christchurch Different Types We Do?

removal of junk
rubbish removal for free

General waste.

 This pertains to all waste that cannot be recycled or reused but not under the category of hazardous and compostable waste . The components of this waste can include soiled packaging, empty liquid cartons, broken toys and plates, small plastic items, damaged clothing, soft plastics, fibrous plant residues, animal waste, diapers and many other rubbish that are considered residual waste. These waste should be dumped into the red bins, collected by truck and go directly to the landfills. The collection for this waste from households is every two weeks. 

red bin Christchurch

Recyclable waste

This refers to the junk or rubbish that could be recycled or reused. But if there are plastic containers, these should be cleaned before putting them into the yellow bin. Examples of recyclable and reusable waste are flattened cardboard and egg cartons, aluminum cans, clear and colored glass, metal tins, plastic containers, aerosol cans, clean envelops (large), plastic bottles with the cap taken off (put lids in red bin) Junk removal emptying  for the yellow bin is also every 2 weeks.

removal of junk

Green waste

This is the waste that can be composted and turned into organic fertilizers as long as it does not contain toxic substances. Examples are all food scraps, paper towels, clean shredded paper, leftover meat, bones and shellfish, garden waste, and soft leaves. Since these waste can easily rot, the pickup schedule by the council’s truck is once a week and these waste go directly to the composting sites. 

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Green waste Christchurch

Removal of Junk - Hazardous waste

 These waste are considered to be harmful types not only for humans but also to animals and the environment. Being toxic, these should be collected safely, treated if necessary and disposed of according to what the law says. These waste can include liquid waste such as organic sludge, grease and oils, resins, inks, solvents, detergents, paints and dyes and other waste that should have a separate disposal system. 

Removal of Junk

Waste from clinics and hospitals, veterinary clinics are also included in this category as well as e-waste like parts of electronic devices that contain chemically-treated components that can negatively react to moisture or organic matter and produce toxic results. Removal of rubbish that includes any of these materials should not be put in any of the 3 bins. But as we have said, you can drop these types of waste to eco drop shops so these can be properly treated or if no eco drop shop in your area, better call the council’s waste management office for advice.

removal of junk

Advantages of Hiring Private Pickup Service for Removal of Rubbish

The most important thing you should remember when you have problems with the removal of rubbish or if you want to dispose of large items but you can’t do it yourself is to call us.  Just call 0273106127  

Or you can order your large item pickup online just click HERE let us take your rubbish removal problem away.

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Removal of Junk- Convenience at its best

 You can call us anytime, and mostly we can pick up your rubbish the very next day. Or if you have a large amount of junk from your garage clean out like old, damaged cabinets or freezers,  call us and we’ll send our men and truck to pick these up. You want an old washing machine out of your home but you can’t stay home and wait for us, just leave the item out in your yard and you’ll find it gone when you get home from work. 

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Removal of junk in volume

This is the most asked question we get from people who have lots of junk to throw out. Don’t worry, we can send you one of our skips and you can put all your waste into and get rid of it all at once.


Efficiency, Experience and Professionalism

We are known as one of the most trusted for the removal of junk from homes in Christchurch. We have the experience, skills, professionalism and thus efficiency is part of our trade.  

How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost

This is another question we always get from our clients – how much does rubbish removal cost? That depends on the volume of your waste but we have three pickup methods to offer. First, if you have a little amount of waste, say a pile of old cardboard and wood, you can take a picture of it  send it through to us  and we will estimate the cost of your junk removal job. 


If you have lots of waste to dump,  you  can choose the size of the skip you need and we’ll bring the skip to you and pick it up on our agreed date. Here are the sizes of the skips we have with their corresponding pickup charges:   

2 m3 = can be  loaded up to 400 kg for $200 dump fee included

4.5m3 = can be loaded up to 675 kg for $ 300 dump fee included

6 m3 = can be loaded up to 900 kg for $350 dump fee included

7m3 = can be loaded up to 1,050 kg for $400 dump fee included

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And lastly, for the single large items, visit and find your  items in our list and each item has its pickup charges. If your item is not on our list, just call us and we can quote you straight away on the phone.

 Whenever you have problems with  dispose of your waste – mixed waste, hazardous waste or single items, You can find our removal of junk service to be very cost-effective, professional and we can  pickup your items at a time that suits you.

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