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 You have been renovating  flat out and now you have a huge pile of rubbish to get rid of. 

Renovation hard fill Waste & Building Waste Disposal

Home renovation and waste disposal are almost synonymous with each other because any renovation you’ll do in your home will eventually produce a lot of waste, most especially hardfill rubbish. And if you’ve ever had to dispose of hardfill waste, then you know it can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Not only that, but it’s also not easy on the environment. For this reason, many homeowners and business owners who are building or renovating their homes or offices want to know Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal cost.

In Christchurch, building waste is not part of the council’s collection service it’s only what’s in  the colored bins. Green bins for the green waste including food refuse, red bins for the non-recyclable, and yellow bins for the recyclables. So in terms of building waste collection and disposal, it is best to hire a company that is experienced in dealing with the job .

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You can also do DIY waste disposal by taking your waste to the transfer station and based on the CCC waste management site, the cost for dumping hardfill rubbish will have an average cost of $121/ton until June 2021. But this only pertains to waste from domestic sources and not from constructing or renovating commercial establishments. So Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal  is a kind of costly necessity which the homeowners or contractors must endure.

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What is Hardfill Waste?

Many homeowners who don’t realize that they can produce a lot of waste during the renovation or construction of their homes want to know what is hardfill waste. Hardfill Waste refers to any material that is not recyclable or biodegradable such as concrete, stones, brick, soil, pavers, sand, rubble, or asphalt, and these are also called “inert waste”. These items are often found piled near driveways and yards after construction projects have been completed.

renovation waste disposal, building waste

It is called hardfill waste because these are solid and generally come from natural sources so they should also go to the landfills to fill up holes or gaps or to be soil fillers. When hardfill waste comes fresh from the construction site, these can also be composed of wood, plastics, metals, cartons, papers, and plastics or rubber. But these are not part of the hardfill waste types, these materials must be taken out and go to their proper waste disposal facilities.  

In Christchurch,  we separate the rubbish that can be recycled or reused. After segregation, about 35 percent of the waste will go to recyclables and reusable items. Yet, if we will do more serious segregation, more potential items for recycling can be derived especially from  building waste that comes from home construction projects. 

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Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

Renovation waste for disposal is a big problem for many homeowners. Homeowners often have no ideas what to do with the debris left from their construction or renovation projects, and they’re not sure who they can call or where to take it. That’s why we are here to provide you the best solutions including DIY waste segregation to help you lessen the volume of your hardfill rubbish as well as reducing the cost of paying for dumping this waste at the transfer station. You will also learn how to dispose of construction waste responsibly so it won’t cause any harm to yourself or the environment.

Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

How to Dispose of Construction Waste

Hardfill waste can be a nightmare to deal with because it is not biodegradable and it doesn’t decompose easily and most of it is large, heavy and mixed with sharp objects which makes it difficult to get rid of. If you don’t know how to dispose of construction waste we have some tips for you.  

At present, the best way to dispose of construction waste is either you take it to the transfer station or hire professionals who have experience in properly disposing of such materials. As mentioned, if you choose DIY waste disposal, you will pay for the waste tonnage at the transfer station. But then there are some factors to consider with this option.

Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal
Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

First, do you have a trailer or a large pickup truck to contain all your junk? Second, can your vehicle carry the weight of the rubbish especially if most of it are large rocks and pieces of concrete? Third, once you’re in the transfer station, you must do the unloading yourself which is considerably exhausting as well. And lastly, considering that you’re building a new home and your contractor will be responsible for taking care of the building waste, and the cost for disposal will also be charged to you? 

Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

Now, if you will hire a professional waste removal service like us, we can even give you a better solution. What we can do is rent you one of our skips, we bring it to your place, you fill it up with your hardfill rubbish, and when it gets filled, you only need to call us and we’ll pick up the skip. We, at have been doing this job for more than 10 years and disposing of building waste is now a routine to us.

How to Reduce Building Waste with DIY Waste Management

Here are some ways on how you can save money in disposing of your hardfill and other rubbish and eliminate some of the issues that regard renovation waste for disposal. 

If you have a contractor responsible for the dumping of hardfill and other building waste, discuss with them about segregating the waste as they come so that from the beginning of the production of waste, these are already segregated according to type. For example, all metal in one group, all recycled products in another group, all concrete in a separate group, and so on. Then put the small items into the appropriate colored bins. You can now sell the metals to a scrap metal yard or bring them to an eco drop shop free of charge. 

Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal
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Segregate your building waste yourself.  If you’re doing the renovation, you can also do the segregation at the source and follow the process above. 

Hiring a skip is the best process to dispose of all your hard fill rubbish in one dumpster. But before you call your building waste collection service, Remember to separate the items that can be recycled or reused. Metals, dry clean papers, plastic containers as long as you can clean them can be included in your recyclable bin. Hazardous waste such as paint cans, batteries and thinner containers can also be brought to the eco drop shop free of charge.

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 With some of the renovation waste homeowners do not realize there are still many things in there  rubbish that can be reused or recycled. Examples are large pieces of wood, metal rods that have not been used, half-empty bags of cement, and many more. 


 In summary of all these processes, try to do the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and dispose of what’s left behind. Reduce will enable you to lessen your rubbish a great amount of saving for the renovation waste disposal fee. Reuse will make you save on things that you can use for other purposes. And recycling will enable you to convert and use waste materials into useful projects.

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What Experts Say About DIY Waste Management and Disposal for Hardfill Rubbish

Experts also suggest to homeowners that they must do an on-site waste management audit to come up with what kind of waste will be produced during the construction or renovation of their projects. To know this, it is necessary to check on the most common materials that can become the by-products of the project by phases. For example, if there is the need to build up  concrete walls or floors , expect many empty bags of cement will be produced during the first phase unless you get your concrete pre-made.  

During the second phase of the project, You will accumulate all sorts of rubbish such as broken concrete during a home renovation. Also, there can be waste plaster, wood, PVC pipes and some wires and so on.

Now, as the project ends, this is where you will make your decision on what to do with the waste that is not hardfill. Can you put some of these in your red or colored bins? (but they are really small)

 Can you reuse most of it or recycle it? Can you sell some of the junk? This is how you can save your visits to the transfer station by reducing through segregation the rubbish from the beginning of the project although whether you like it or not, there will be hardfill waste that will be going to the landfill via the transfer station. 

Including Large Items Among Renovation Waste for Disposal - Is This Good?

As a private waste removal company in Christchurch which we’ve been doing for more than 10 years now, we have seen a lot of large items in our rented skips with our renovation waste disposal service and most of these large items are whiteware such as old washing machines, old beds and mattresses, furniture and even garden tools and some of this junk is still in good conditions while some are fit for recycling.

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Nevertheless, you dump whatever kind of waste you have into our skips including  green waste but not hazardous waste. And in case you need to get rid of old items and you don’t have enough to rent a skip, you only need to call us and we’ll pick up the items from where they stand. 

If you are interested to know the kind of items that we commonly get from homes and business establishments, these include old or damaged fridges, beds, furniture, dryers, cabinets, washing machines, television sets, tables, chairs and so on.

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Now that you know what  hardfill waste is, remember us whenever you need a waste removal service for the disposal of renovation waste as well as for single-item pickup. For single item pickup, we have our professional staff to do the hauling and disposal for you. 

With us, you’ll find that our service charge would be very affordable, safe, with no hidden charges. Paying us is also easy and only through PayPal or your credit card. 

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