What Is Happening to Rolleston Waste Disposal

Rolleston Waste Disposal

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Since we’re into the waste disposal business, we were also evaluating what is going on with the Rolleston waste disposal system. And not only that we’ve discovered some interesting facts about Rolleston and its activities for its industrialization, we also found how waste management happens in this fast-developing area. Today, we shall be discussing how Rolleston is coping up with its rubbish removal system and how we can be of help to sustain this system.  

What Is Happening to Rolleston Waste Disposal
What Is Happening to Rolleston Waste Disposal

Rolleston is a small town in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. Named after William Rolleston, it has a land area of 22.07 sq kilometers and a population of around 21,900 as of 2020. Located in the Selwyn District, this town was originally known as Rollestone which means “stone on stone” but was changed to its current name in 1909 for unknown reasons. Rolleston sits at an altitude of 50 meters above sea level and shares borders with Lincoln, Burnham, and Springston.

What Is Happening to Rolleston Waste Disposal

The Importance of Rubbish Removal in Rolleston

Rolleston has now one of the fastest-growing economies among the towns in Canterbury due to its road improvements that began almost 10 years ago. With this development, it has become a highly sought-after location for industrial property developers who are looking for locations for their businesses thus land prices have increased especially in the areas for industrial estates.   

According to many industrial brokers, the Southern Motorway extension has contributed a great significant effect on the value of Rolleston’s industrial properties. And while Christchurch, particularly Hornby, used to be the ideal place for industrial occupiers, more and more businesses are now focusing their market objectives toward Rolleston. Rolleston is becoming part of the Christchurch metropolitan area. 

Moreover, as the industry grows, public utilities also improve as more businesses are being set up in Rolleston. In this regard, with the population increasing and the number of businesses swelling, there could be some problems with how rubbish removal in Rolleston is increasing.

How We See Rolleston Waste Disposal Runs Its Business

If we are going to compare the speed of development of this town as against the process of waste management, the Rolleston waste disposal system needs to have more active waste pickup methods to reach every part of the town and collect and dispose of people’s rubbish in an organized way.

As of today, medical centers, cafes, schools, daycare centers, recreational parks, and many more establishments are already established in Rolleston and their numbers continue to soar. With these developments, more subdivisions for residences will continue to increase. But where will the people’s waste go and who will collect all these for them? 

Rolleston Waste Disposal Who's involved

At present, there are no clear statistics on the number of waste disposal facilities that are concerned with rubbish removal in Rolleston. But one facility that we have found to be active and being managed by the government of the Selwyn District Council is the Pines Resource Recovery Park. This is a type of transfer station that accepts recyclable materials, clean fill, garden waste, food waste, general waste, and even hazardous waste. 

And since there is no landfill in the Selwyn district the residual waste being produced is sent to the Hurunui district particularly in the Kate Valley Regional Landfill. Being in the South Island in the Canterbury region. We assume that many residents of Rolleston find it hard to deal with their rubbish disposal system especially on how to dispose of their large items like furniture, whiteware and other bulky household and office items that the district’s collection trucks would not be able to handle. 

What Is Happening to Rolleston Waste Disposal

On the other hand, the Christchurch rubbish removal system is now pretty much organized  in Christchurch thanks to the private companies that can be reliable in times when waste pick-up issues come up. And fortunately, we can proudly say that we are one of these companies that can deal with waste pick up and disposal that’s why we are known as the junkman in Christchurch. 

How Junkman in Christchurch Can Help in Rolleston Waste Disposal Problem

Christchurch is about 24.7 km from Rolleston and can be reached by vehicle in about 24 minutes via state highway if we’re coming from Hornby, Christchurch. And since we understand that Selwyn’s Pines Resort Recovery Park has its usual schedule for the pickup truck for the households’ waste, much like in Christchurch, the Selwyn’s council is also providing wheelie bins for  Rolleston households for 3 waste categories: for rubbish, recycle and for organic waste. 

What Is Happening to Rolleston Waste Disposal

In Rolleston, rubbish wheelie bins come in 3 different sizes – small, medium, and large. The large bins have a 240-liters capacity and have weight loading restrictions of up to 60 kilograms. If the weight exceeds more than 60 kg, this can be tagged by the contractor and he will leave you a note to tell you why your bins have not been emptied. 

What Is Happening to Rolleston Waste Disposal

In this situation, it is clear that you cannot dispose of any large items into your wheelie bins. So rubbish removal in Rolleston is much like in Christchurch where the CCC prohibits overloading the bins so when it comes to large, bulky junk your best option is to take your own stuff to a transfer station. This also means that with regards to whiteware disposal where our old appliances are some of the most difficult to dispose of, self junk disposal can be a problem as it requires a large amount of effort, time, and money on your part.  

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If you are one of the families living in Rolleston or running a business in this fast-developing town but having problems on how to dispose of large items while you cannot afford the time to take your junk to the transfer station, we, at rubbish pickup nz can be of service to you. Remember that it only takes less than 25 minutes for us to get there and you can be ensured that we will properly dispose of your junk no matter how large and heavy they are. 

How Our Single Item Pick Up Can Be Part of Rolleston Waste Disposal System

Why we call our waste pick-up service the single item pickup is because you can call us even if you only have one heavy item you want to dispose of. For example, mattress disposal in Christchurch used to be a problem among households but is now easily solvable because of our active single item pick-up business in the city. So if your mattress is old and is not worthy of selling or donating, the best and easy way to dispose of it quickly is to call for a waste removal service like us.  

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Why people need us is because disposing of large items requires time, manpower, tools, and a large vehicle to carry large items. So although some people would prefer to bring their large items to the transfer station, doing so can be exhausting, time-consuming, and also has risks involved like the possibility of sustaining back injury.   

Christchurch whiteware removal

For more than 10 years, we have served Christchurch people in the collection and disposal of their junk so rubbish removal in Rolleston would not also be a problem for us to accomplish. For those who have junk like whiteware, furniture, or any large items and want them out of their homes, the best way is to contact us and we’ll take your items without the need for your effort and this is regardless if you’re in Christchurch or in Rolleston area. 

How To Contact Us To Pick Up Your Junk

You can call us  on    027-3106-127

or visit our junkman service and we have a dedicated page that you can leave us your message. Our website is very user-friendly and we also have a list of household items with their particular pick-up rate to help you point your items quickly.    

You can also find that for every item, there is a price tag based on the size of your item. For example, if you want us to pick up and dispose of your large CRT television, the pick-up price could be $45 while for the small TV is only $35. Then we add a minimal fee for a single travel charge based on your location. All items for pick up already include GST or good and services tax. 


What Is Happening to Rolleston Waste Disposal

We may see Rolleston as a fast-developing town with the potential to become a city one day. And part of the existence of an area that is becoming highly  populated is the need for a proper waste collection and disposal system. At present, we see that Rolleston is lacking contractors to properly handle waste collection and disposal and this is why we are extending our services to Rolleston. With us, your transaction would be safe and without the need for paperwork. So people of Christchurch and Rolleston, don’t be bothered about the bulky items that you need to dispose of because we are only a phone call away. 

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