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Too Much Waste To Fit In Your Wheelie Bin

So you have been working flat out cleaning out your garage now you have a huge pile of  rubbish to get rid of. 

Christchurch is one the most populous city in New Zealand, but it also has one of the highest rates in terms of waste management. If you’re thinking about how rubbish removal in Christchurch happens, this blog can help your business or home with this issue so read on to find out more.

The city of Christchurch has a population of over 399,000 people and is the second most populous city in New Zealand. It is home to a few beautiful tourist attractions such as Lyttelton Harbour, Hagley Park, and Canterbury Museum – but it also has one of the biggest issues with rubbish and junk removal. To help alleviate some of this problem, the Christchurch City Council provides services for both residential homeowners as well as commercial clients who need their waste removed from their property.

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Rubbish Removal Christchurch Junk Pickup

At present, the best solution the council offers is by providing colored bins to homeowners to properly segregate their waste – green bin for the compostable waste, yellow bin for the recyclable waste and red bin for the residuals. Schedules of waste pickup depend on the region but the standard day for pickup for the green waste is once a week while every other week for the yellow and red bins.

Rubbish Removal Christchurch Junk Pickup

Problems with Junk Removal

On the other hand, the council’s mandate for waste removal is to only take what’s in the bins. So if you have some excess waste that your bins could not contain and put it in a bag and leave it near your bin, don’t expect this will be taken up. This is one of the problems that many homeowners and commercial establishments have to face.

Another existing problem is with junk removal particularly the disposal of large single items that we usually dispose of from our homes and offices. Common examples are furniture, whiteware, and old mattresses. So how does the disposal of old furniture happen? How about whiteware disposal and mattress disposal?  These we are going to provide solutions and also give you tips on how to dispose of a lot of your waste that your bins cannot contain.

Disposal of General Waste

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Let us tell you how general waste is getting on with rubbish removal in Christchurch. General waste is, in New Zealand, what they call the red bin waste which means these are the types of waste that are mixed up so most of it could land in the landfills. You can find in there recyclable waste, non-recyclable waste, and even plant and food residues. And because mixed waste is not part of the collection category of the council’s waste management system, this waste is often left out so people would prefer to dispose of them by other means.

Rubbish Removal Christchurch Junk Pickup
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Why some people produce general waste even though they have colored bins to segregate their waste is because they could have activities that made them produce a lot of waste of all kinds. For example, a homeowner decided to renovate his home and so has gathered a lot of junk which can include bricks, wood, plastics, and other construction materials. 

Other common examples of how general waste is produced are the construction of buildings, landscaping and big family celebrations. So from the building of homes to beautifying it to celebrating occasions inside the homes, all these can produce a lot of waste.

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Mixed Waste Disposal - How We Deal With It

General waste can be disposed of in two ways. First, you can take your rubbish to the transfer station and second is hiring a professional junk removal service to do the disposal for you. For the first option, there is a bit of the process. You take your rubbish to the transfer station and your vehicle will be weighed with the junk and after disposing of the junk, your vehicle will be weighed again to get the total weight of your rubbish. Or, the size of your vehicle will be the basis for computing the charge for your waste.

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At the transfer station, people will segregate the recyclable waste from other waste and the rest will end up in the landfill. Junked tools and appliances that are still good will be brought to the eco drop shop and will be sold. Hazardous waste with recyclable parts such as batteries will also be collected for recycling.


So being part of rubbish removal in Christchurch, so far we are doing what the council’s waste management cannot do and we’re doing it well for the past 10 years. And now we began venturing on single item pickup to help people dispose of their large items so they don’t have to get troubled to take them to transfer stations or dump them illegally which we want to prevent.

Unfortunately, a lot of people these days leave their large junk items  where they don’t belong like the side of the road, in the woods, vacant lots and so on which is illegal, not safe for the environment and can harbor pests and wild animals. So how can we deal with these large items especially in the disposal of whiteware, old furniture and mattresses? Here are some of the solutions below. 

Disposal of Old Furniture in Christchurch

Good or old and damaged furniture, there will always be effective ways for its disposal. So consider any of these:

Sell them online.

This is one of the best ways in the disposal of old furniture the free payment way. However, your furniture must still be in its best shape, attractive, and unique.  

 Disposal of rubbish for free?

So why not find Christchurch organizations that accept old furniture like The Salvation Army, retirement homes, Non-Governmental Organizations and other institutions that accept funding and assistance and provisions from the public. Chances are, any of these could be near you.


You can take your old furniture to the Christchurch city council transfer station and pay accordingly.

Offer it for free.

You can leave them near the road in front of your yard and write a message “For Free”. 

The fastest and most convenient way for disposal of old furniture is hiring us for the job. Like we have said, you only need to contact us, pay us affordably for the job and we’ll take your furniture without your effort. 

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Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free

Best Ways for Whiteware Disposal in Christchurch

Whiteware in New Zealand is any home appliance that we commonly use in the kitchen, laundry, or dining room. These consist of fridges, dryers, washing machines, stoves, dishwashers, and many more. In recent years, there has been a surge in the whiteware disposal in Christchurch because of the introduction of the new hybrid whiteware with digital features. This prompted most home owners to replace their old whiteware with new ones. 

So if your whiteware is still good or already old or damaged and wants to dispose of it, then better check these disposal tips. 


Sell them online if these are still working fine like on buy-and-sell sites. 

Find a buy-and-sell group on Facebook, join and post your items if these are all still working fine.


Donate them to charitable institutions like The Salvation Army, home for the elderly, or NGOs. Some public hospitals also accept used whiteware to support their services.


Sell the damaged and old whiteware to junk shops. 


Take your old whiteware to the Christchurch city council transfer station and pay for the dumping fee. 

Contact us and we’ll pick up the items from your home.

What You Can Do For Old Mattress Disposal

Unlike furniture and whiteware, old mattress disposal can have issues. Mattresses don’t last many years and most of them can only last for an average of 10 years like the box spring mattresses. And sometimes when the time for replacement comes, your mattress can become uncomfortable to sleep on. Yet, some mattresses are made with latex or memory foam and can still be used even if they have lasted many years. But generally, the problem with mattresses is that when they show the signs of wear and tear, you need to replace and dispose of them. 

So here are some ways for old mattress disposal which can be part of your rubbish removal in Christchurch: 

Call the transfer station office and inquire about the possibility of disposing of your old mattress. If they agree, take it  to  the station and pay for the dump. 

Break it down. If you can’t take the mattress to the transfer station or don’t want to  pay for the dumping fee, you can dismantle it, take its wood, polyurethane foam, and steel spring. You can take the wood to an eco drop shop  free of charge and ask if they also accept foam then sell the steel spring to a junk shop. 

 If your mattress is still in good shape, find a charitable institution near you that accepts donations of used goods.  

Call us for the job. We know what to do with it and we’ll take it to where it belongs legally.

What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring
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We are dedicated to providing the best service possible for our customers. Our team is highly trained and experienced at removing mattresses as well as any other items that you need to be removed from your home or yard. We can even take your general waste with our skips so you can dispose of all your waste in one go. But for the large, single items, these should be picked up by us separately.

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