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Too Much Waste To Fit In Your Wheelie Bin

So you have been working flat out  and now you have a huge pile of rubbish to get rid of or maybe only 1 single item. 

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Christchurch rubbish

need rubbish removal for free ?

If you’re from Christchurch, you should know that there is no such thing as rubbish removal for free. And if you are a homeowner or an apartment renter, you know that you’re getting charged for your rubbish collection by the council and your money goes to the maintenance of our transfer station facilities. However, this is good because this eases up the burden of disposing of our rubbish in such an orderly manner thus keeping our community and its people as well as the environment clean, safe and healthy. So as far as the people are concerned, the council’s waste management system is doing a good job and people get what they are paying for.  

rubbish removal for free

On the other hand, it is unfortunate that some of the time, waste in our bins is not getting picked up because of many factors and issues. Here are some of them.  


Your bin was checked by the council’s waste checkers and in it were mixed up of waste such as food waste and recyclable waste, or recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste.


You have put in too many heavy objects in the bin and it exceeds the bin’s weight capacity.

rubbish removal for free


You have placed the bins, not in their proper pickup area which the waste collection personnel cannot reach.


The schedule for pick-up day happened to be a holiday or because of bad weather conditions and therefore the pickup date was adjusted. 


There was an obstruction that blocked the garbage truck from picking up your bins like parked vehicles. 


Your rubbish bin is overflowing and the lid could not be closed. 

rubbish removal for free 

Large single items are not part of the waste collection process.  


If any of these things happen, the most probable outcome is your waste will be left out so you have to think of other ways aside from finding a free rubbish removal service. Fortunately, for large items that are still usable and functional, fortunately in that case you can still get rubbish removal for free with just a little work on your part.


rubbish removal for free

But unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “free lunch” in the event of disposing of other household waste. So it’s either you take your trash to the transfer station or  spend a few dollars for people who could do it for you. In this case, we can offer you the best waste disposal service that you’ll find very cost-effective, convenient, efficient and fast. But before that, let’s talk about how we can dispose of items that will be too good to throw out.  

Who Will do rubbish removal for free ?

There are basically only a few ways to get free rubbish removal and you can do it without much effort and don’t have to pay anyone to haul your good items from your home. So what do we mean by disposing of good items and getting rubbish removal for free? 


What we mean is disposing of your junk that is still functional, reusable, and can be recycled through donations, selling, or giving. Good examples are old cabinets but still in good shape, an old fridge that you want to replace with a brand new one, or even blocks of wood derived from renovating your house (without paint or varnish). Even pieces of assorted metals, you can sell these to junk shops – you get the idea.

rubbish removal for free

So here are the most common and proven methods that many people in Christchurch do with their junk. Some of this junk are what we call the “pre-loved items” that many people wanted to get rid of:   

Sell your old but usable items. If you think your item is still good and functional, you can sell it by posting it online. Just like what people do on buy-and-sell sites, there are a lot of people out there that will be looking for things that you have.

cheap rubbish removal

Another rubbish removal for free tip is donating your good junk to charitable institutions. You want your old furniture out, there are a lot of  private institutions that would need it for their establishments and their people. 

Give it to your families and friends. Maybe  you remember one of your friends wants a lawnmower just like yours? But now that you have a new one, why not call them and ask if they need your old one? The same with other items that you have but don’t need anymore. 

Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free

Sell the item/s to a junk shop. If you don’t have anyone in mind that you can give your old or used appliances like washing machines, bicycles, wheelbarrows or even pieces of metals, sell these to the junk shops. Junk shops are part of our recycling system in Christchurch for rubbish removal while you can earn a little money from selling your good junk.   

Leave the large usable items in front of your yard near the road. If you have an old couch, a nice-looking crib, or items that can be usable by other people, try this method and put a sign “Take It For Free”. You may be surprised that the next day, your item’s gone.

Christchurch rubbish

Bring the good items to an eco drop shop. If your items like old appliances, whiteware, or furniture are cluttering up your place and want them out, call the eco drop shop near you and ask them if you could leave them your things. If they take your items, you won’t be charged for anything. Christchurch rubbish

These are some of the things you can do for free rubbish removal in Christchurch. However, what can you do with the rubbish that you cannot sell or give away or donate, especially large items like damaged old beds or mattresses, wrecked old appliances or dilapidated furniture? How about the load of rubbish that you have gathered after a big celebration in your house the other night, where can you put all of these? No problem, here comes our solutions for these.

Mattress Recycling NZ

Two Options in Disposing Of Your Rubbish

In the above scenario, here are the best solutions in disposing of your waste. Trust us, we’ve been in the rubbish removal service for more than a decade and we know how the waste disposal system works in Christchurch.  

First Option: 

When it comes to hazardous and recyclable waste, your best option for free rubbish removal is to take these to an EcoDrop and recycling center near your area and pay no fees. However, dumping your waste on transfer stations also entails following strict guidelines.

removal of junk

With this, you should separate your waste accordingly.  So only the hazardous waste should go to the hazardous waste area, the green waste to the composting area and the recyclable waste to the recycling area. But some of this will incur a charge

How about the residual waste? This you can also bring to the transfer station but you will be charged with the corresponding fees according to the volume of your waste or by the weight of your rubbish. 

Flexi Bin
Flexi Bin

Cost of Disposing Of Your Rubbish

The following rates are the prevailing rates until June 2021 so the amount may change after this date. 

For general waste, the charge is $287.50/ton. The minimum charge is $11.50 for a small amount of waste. This waste will be subjected to manual segregation at the transfer station.  Christchurch rubbish

For Green waste, it’s $113/ton and the following prepaid prices will prevail based on the size of your carrying vehicle.

Station wagon/small 4×4 – $11.50

Cars/hatchbacks – $10.80

Senior Citizens station wagons/small  4×4 – $9.90

Senior Citizens cars/hatchbacks – 9.20Green waste Christchurch

For mixed or sorted waste, the green waste must be more than 50%  and the charge is $252.67/ton. This does not include waste coming from commercial establishments. 

For hardfill waste (clean rubble, concrete, bricks, large stones) – $106.35 with a minimum charge of $11.50. 

Soil – $106.35 with a minimum charge of $11.50.

renovation waste disposal, building waste

Plasterboard (clean plaster only) – $138.25/tonne with a minimum charge of $11.50.

Polystyrene is $7,952.80/tonne with a minimum charge of $238.60. 

If you are towing a trailer and carrying large items, your trailer then your trailer will be weighed and you will be charged the weight dumped


There are also certain charges for items that cannot be put in general waste such as tires.  For more inquiries about the type of waste you want to dispose of, call your transfer station office. 

Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

So there is no such thing as rubbish removal for free when it comes to household waste even if you take your rubbish yourself unless it’s hazardous or good usable items. Therefore, if the truck won’t take your trash, you can bring it to the transfer station and be ready to be charged.

wheelie bin cleaning

But consider this, since you’ll be doing the disposal  yourself, then you have to do the loading, hauling, transporting and getting off the rubbish from your vehicle once you’re in the transfer station. But how about the large items that you cannot load alone like an old fridge that can weigh 40 kg or an old bed and mattress that are too large for your car and can weigh 60 kg? Can you do this alone? You might even hire a trailer for such large and heavy items. So the cost of hauling single large items will not only cost you more but will also physically tire you plus you’ll spend a considerable time for the disposing job. 

Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free
Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

Second Option:

So here comes the second but the best option. Why not hire us for the job and we will do all the loading, hauling, transporting and dumping of all your waste including your large single items. You only need to contact us and we can book you up for your junk pickup. Especially when it comes to single pick-up items, we can even take your heavy junk from your home and it will be gone in an instant. All this at the most competitive price.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Rubbish

For single items, We have a large list on our items to be picked up page . These items are the regular items that you see in every household like beds, stoves, freezers, dryers and almost every item that gets old, damaged and needs to be replaced. 

For example, you want to replace your old stove and wonder how much it could cost you to dispose of your old stove.Checkout our whiteware pickup , you will find the size of your stove and the pickup charge which includes the GST (Goods and Services Tax).  

Or let’s say you want to dispose of your old bed but since these come in a variety of sizes, you can also find on our site the different sizes of beds we are dealing with – Single, Double, Queen, King, and Super Queen. Each size of bed has a corresponding pickup charge so the price varies from the lowest $49.95 to $89.95 depending on the size of the bed. 

To better give you an idea of the advantages of hiring a private rubbish removal service like us, here are the following points to ponder: 

What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring
Mattress Recycling NZ

More efficient waste collection system. Private waste removal groups like us have better-experienced manpower, tools and vehicles. So you don’t need to hire a trailer when hauling a large volume of junk or single items because we are already equipped  with the necessary equipment and manpower. As soon as you have booked, we’ll be there right there on your pickup day.

Flexi Bin

Won’t require you to sort out your waste. One of the best experiences you can get from hiring a professional waste removal service is you don’t have to segregate your waste. we can dump everything no problem. However, we encourage you to separate your food waste in trash bags to prevent contaminating the recyclable materials. You must also inform us about the hazardous waste. 

Most  convenient way for single item pickup. Large single items have no chance to get picked up by the council’s truck because they only take waste that the bins can accommodate. Therefore, this is the time you will literally need to hire a professional waste removal service. So regardless of the size of your furniture or whiteware, our men can take it from there. 

Christchurch rubbish

So remember, whenever you have a problem with your rubbish or junk especially with large items that we mentioned, think about us. Talk to us or checkout our website and see the services we do in helping our citizens of our beautiful Christchurch with  rubbish disposal. 

Now that you understand you can’t really get  rubbish removal for free, including how you can dispose of your junk at the transfer stations, and this still requires your labour and money. But if you don’t want to be bothered you only need to contact us. 

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