The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano

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The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano  when you no longer want it around? Below are some practical ideas you can try. Pianos are part of a previous generation even though they have been invented centuries ago, they still play an essential part in our lives and continue to give us romance in our music. 

Unfortunately, all is not good about having a piano and that is when we need to dispose of it once they get old and rusty and out of tune this is where the bad news starts. How can you simply throw it away because it is so heavy and bulky that it’s almost impossible to haul away single handedly? 

We can offer some advice on what to do. 

Pianos and Their Types

The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano

Pianos come in 3 varieties – the grand pianos, the upright, and the electronic types. The largest grand pianos we’ve seen could have a length of 91/2 feet while the upright pianos could be 4 to 5 feet for the professional types. 

The electronic or digital pianos are more on the flat side but they can also have a length of 5 to 6 feet and are usually portable which means they don’t take up so much space in the dumpsters as they are generally made of plastic, wires, and motherboards.    

If your unwanted piano is an electronic type, it’s not a problem to dispose of it. You only need to give it away, sell it, or donate it as long as it’s still in good condition. If it has already passed its best or broken, better take it to your nearest recycling center or disassemble it and put its parts into the designated recycle  bins. 

However, when it comes to old pianos like the grand or upright pianos, you need some out of the box thinking for its proper disposal because how to dispose of an old piano that is heavier than your fridge is not as easy as throwing away a piece of junk. 

The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano
The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano
Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano

The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano

 . Sell it Online

Selling items online can sometimes be magic when it comes to quick selling. It only takes a  minute to post, your ad can reach thousands of people around the world and after a few hours or days, people may contact you and make a deal. The retail marketplace for used items such as eBay and Craigslist also Trademe are good examples of these platforms as well as Facebook where there is a dedicated marketplace for used and new items.  

However, you must remember some important things when getting rid of old pianos through the online market. First, you should post it the way the potential buyers want it to see like its best physical features. So using a mobile phone with a high-definition lens could help. 

Second, describe its age, brand, and condition on its specs, and lastly, even if your piano has small defects you should put it in the description.  You don’t want your buyer calling you up and wanting his/her money back because you sent the person defective or damaged goods.

  • Tell Your Friends or Other People About Your Unwanted Piano  

The first thing that can come to your mind when you have an unwanted piano in your home is giving it away. But who would want an old piano? There are still lots of people nowadays who want to own pianos because these are not cheap to buy. 

If you want to sell it to your neighbor or your friends even though you don’t earn a good profit from it, why not do it? Or you can offer it to students who study music in school or to the school itself. So either you sell it or you donate it. 

Again, when offering a piano to someone else or a school or organization, make sure it’s still good for them to use it. If there’s something about it that needs fixing, tell the interested parties right away, and maybe they will be willing to spend money for the fixing. 

  • Consider Trading It

If it seems that you’re out of ideas on what to do with an unwanted piano but residing near a music shop or a piano store, the one thing you can try is visiting it and offering to trade yours for another instrument and there’s no harm in trying. If your piano seems good enough to be refurbished or reconditioned or better if it’s in perfect shape, the owner of the store may agree to your conditions. 

It’s either you want to sell your piano, trade it or get store credits, it’s between you and the shop owner that can talk about it.  


The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano
The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano
  • Contact a  Piano Specialist

One best way to dispose of an old piano is by calling a piano specialist first. Why do you need to call one? Because if you want to sell your unwanted piano not only its physical features should be perfect but also its tone and timbre and only a piano expert could manage to repair, retune and refine the strings of your piano while requesting him to help you out in selling it after. 

Piano experts are the best in refurbishing even old pianos and they generally know many people that would want your item. Yes, you may spend some money getting an expert but if your piano carries a great brand, you may expect it will eventually be sold and still earn profit from it. 

  • Getting Rid of Old Pianos Thru Donation

I think among the best ways to dispose of a piano is by donation. No waiting time for someone to buy, no need fixing if it’s a bit out of tune, and no need to waste your time talking to people and haggling for its price. If they want it they can fix it. 

Also, you don’t need to lift your finger to carry it where you want it to be because whoever wants it can get it from where it sits. Just like our single-item pickup service, when we pick up a piano regardless of its size and dispose of it for you, you can just watch us taking it away, and at a very affordable cost. 

As I said, pianos are quite expensive and few have them in their homes and even in institutions but so many people want them around. So why not donate yours to your alma mater or the nearest school, to a hospital, or to an airport where piano enthusiasts can enjoy playing it while whiling time away? Isn’t it nice to see many people having a grand time playing your piano and feeling the songs in their hearts while other people watch? 

  1. Giving it Away to Someone Who Wishes to Have a Piano

When we say donate your piano, it could be to someone or a group or an institution. But when you want your piano to give to someone who wishes to own a piano, this could be very easy. 

One of my friends had an idea on the best way to dispose of an old piano which his grandfather had left him but he’s not interested in having it. He didn’t want to sell it because he wanted it so that someone could take care of it as this was his grandfather’s piano. So he talked to a music professor and told him he wants to offer his piano to one of his students who wanted to own a piano and deserved it but can’t afford to buy one. 

The next day, a student knocked on his door with his dad and their pickup truck.  Boy, he can’t describe the boy’s happiness on his face and he promises he will take care of it and will love it as long as he lives. See how you can make someone happy with a piano you don’t want anymore?  This is just part of The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano

The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano
The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano
  • Disassemble, Recycle, Sell or Throw Away the Unwanted Parts

Once your piano is what you can literally call an “unwanted piano” because it looks like a piece of junk, there’s no need to sell it or give it away but to treat it as junk. But the problem is, it’s a piano and it’s heavy and bulky. You cannot just leave it near your bins and hope the collection truck will pick it up. 

So what should you do to get the junkmen to pick it up? Pianos are made up of so many parts: steel, wood, cast iron, copper, and brass and all of its metals are of the best quality while its wood is normally hard wood. You can take the metals to the recyclers to sell, recycle the wood to make small furniture and you can dump the unwanted parts in their appropriate bins.  

  • Hire a Dumpster or Skip

In other parts of the world, a skip is called a dumpster so everybody knows what it is and you can usually see these on the curbside. If you are moving out and you don’t want to be hassled selling your old things while you are also having a lot of junk that needs to be disposed of, hiring a skip is one practical way to dispose of an old piano. 

If you live in or around Christchurch, NZ, you can rent skip for house moves, construction companies, stores, and even homeowners who want to clean out their unwanted items and dispose of them. You can put everything in it except of course hazardous or explosive items. 

  1. Haul it to the Transfer Station 

So you think nobody wants your old and broken piano, one of the best things you can do is take it yourself to the nearest dumping station or what we call in Christchurch the transfer stations. Although in this case you have to have some extra hands to help you bring the item to the site and you also need a large truck like a pickup truck to transport it. 

If you want to know how much it could cost you to dump your piano, call the transfer station and ask for the dumping fee and they can give you a rough assessment of the price. It’s a daunting task and costly but it can be your best way to dispose of old piano.   

  • Offer it for Consignments

So here is how consignments work. You will talk to the manager of the music store and tell him you want to sell your old piano but you want it to be displayed among their pianos. The store can sell it for any amount they want but you only want a certain amount of money once it gets sold. 

In some cases, the store’s staff can make your piano look brand new and they can also have a piano expert to tune it up. They will also take care of it and your piano will be in the best place for a sale.

Helpful Ways How to Dispose of Piano
The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano
  1. Offer it to a Junk Shop

As we have mentioned, the grand and upright pianos have so many things in them, especially the different kinds of metals that some junk shops could want. Visit one of the junkshops in your area and offer it. They may want to check it out and see what they can get from it. But more or less they would want it and resell for what they can get for it. 


  • Repurpose It 

Recycling and repurposing have different meanings. Recycling means the object needs to be broken down and reuse its parts. Repurpose, on the other hand, needs no alteration. But in the case of an unwanted piano that you don’t want to go to because it holds dear in your heart, why not repurpose it for other uses?

In some people’s homes, I see old pianos turned into bars and displayed with wine and wine glasses. Other people are making them as flower galleries displaying indoor flowering plants in their living rooms. I’ve also seen a piano turned into a customized storage unit for garage tools. Do your research and you’ll be amazed at how many ways you can repurpose your old piano. 

 Restore it to Add Elegance to Your Living Room

One couple who loves to sing  But they think they need to buy a new piano but could not afford it at the moment. Their  piano needs a tune-up and TLC. However, they thought of trying to restore the piano instead of giving it away. 

So they hunted and hired a piano restorer/expert which they can afford to pay to tone it up and next was a furniture restorer to perk its appearance and voila, the piano became an elegant instrument again with all keys in place and their money well spent.

Offer it to Shops that Manufacture Pianos 

Perhaps another way to dispose of old piano is to contact a shop that manufactures pianos. These shops will always need parts for their products and piano parts are expensive to buy. So it’s up to you if you offer it for free or sell it cheap but they must pick it up from your home. 


  • Call Us For Our Pickup Service

This could be the easiest way how to dispose of an old piano. In our business, we can pick up any item you want to dispose of from your homes or offices. Large or small or even your missed bins that have been left out by your city council’s garbage team, we can take their waste and dispose of it legally and properly. 

Eliminate your headache on how to dispose of an old piano. Bring your problem to us and we’ll do the rest and we’ll be there on the day you want us to be there. Also, browse around our website and see other items that we offer to pick up with their corresponding rates. Now you know The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano  hopefully our list was helpful. 

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 Even with The Best 15 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Piano it can still be a problem because of the weight and size of them

We, at Rubbish Pickup NZ, have been doing waste removal services since the late 1990s and because we are licensed and more experienced, people already trust us with our capabilities and efficiency. We also care for the environment that’s why we don’t want people to do illegal dumping of rubbish that can result in negative impacts both to the environment and to us. 


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