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If your old washing machine gives up the ghost and you’re considering replacing it, think about disposing of it so that it will end up in a recycling center and not dumped on the side of a backroad somewhere.  When it comes to recycling broken or old washing machines , you have three choices to do the job. For your first choice, you can bring them to your nearest transfer station and since it’s not usable anymore,  It will automatically be transferred to a recycling center. These will be scrapped for their metal and any other valuable parts. The CCC transfer station  won’t charge you for the dumping since your machine will be recycled.

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Another choice is to contact your nearest scrap dealer in Christchurch and ask if they will take your old washer. Different scrap dealers have different pricing for their metal buying. So if your old washing machine has lots of metal inside  and you also have other broken appliances that you can get metal from, selling these for scrape might be a good idea. But they pay very little so you will decide if your time and effort is worth it. And that’s how to recycle old washing machines yourself.

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On the other hand, if these washing machine recycling methods won’t work for you, We have the most convenient way of disposing of your machine without the need to put in much effort and that is by hiring us for our single item pick up service. We’re one of the most trusted rubbish pickup services in Christchurch for more than 10 years and we can pick any type of waste, especially single large items that  need to be disposed of quickly. Examples of these items are whiteware, old beds and mattresses, cabinets and a lot more.

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Washing machines have  metals, plastics, ceramics, a small amount of copper which is quite easy to separate during washing machine recycling. So when we pick up your old machine, we also take it to the transfer station and it will undergo the recycling process.  Once you decide, you want to get rid of your old washing machine quickly. Find your item in our pickup list here, choose your preferred pickup date and we will do the rest. It’s that easy.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • You can pick your own date for a pick up and we’ll be there. Our cheap rubbish removal Christchurch is very flexible with pickup bookings.

You don’t have to. You just place your items on your driveway or footpath right on your selected pick up date and we will pick it up on that date. 

Rubbish removal Christchurch can only pick up and dispose of items that have been pre-booked online.

We can pick it up from where it sits but make sure you are present during our agreed pickup schedule and time.  In case you will not be home during our pickup date, call us 2 to 3 days prior to pickup date and we will try to schedule you for another booking date.

Yes we can empty your green, yellow or red CCC bins. You only need to book your pickup schedule from our schedule pick up menu.

Yes we can. But you have to ring us for a free quote and arrange for a pick up time. You can also pick your item from among our listed items here with their corresponding pickup price for easier booking.

You can snap a picture of your item and text it to us. Then call us and we will add your item and update our website while you’re on your phone. We will then arrange for a pickup while we talk.

You can take pictures of your larger items and also your general wastes then send them to us. Single items have categorical pickup price so we will do a separate quote for your general wastes.  We specialize in junk removal Christchurch so we can deal also with assorted waste.