What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring

Need To Dispose Of Old Mattress and Box Spring

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For those who recently had their bedrooms renovated and want to refurbish them with new furniture, one thing that can bother you is what to do with old mattress and box spring especially if these have already reached their usable life. If you’re one of these people, the last thing that you may want is for these items to end up in a landfill or somewhere else where they would cause more harm than good. Fortunately, there are many things you can do before they end up in landfills and get burned and ultimately add to the greenhouse effect that’s causing global warming.

What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring

In New Zealand, mattress disposal in Christchurch has been one of the pressing problems that have not been totally resolved mainly because mattress recycling is not a matter of government’s priority but rather the personal initiatives of the people who own them. And added to the mattress are the box springs which are also becoming part of the problem because when people change their mattress the box spring usually goes out with it.  

Today, we will show you the best ways of old mattress removal, some discussions about mattress removal price. And  if you’re considering  hiring a bed disposal service, we will also answer the question that we usually get asked – can you take a mattress to the dump.

Why Old Mattress and Box Spring Removal Can Be a Problem

Before we tell you how to dispose of the old mattress and box spring, let us first emphasize the difference between the two. A box spring is also called the “bed base” and this is basically where we lay down our mattresses. Typically made of a sturdy wooden frame and covered with decorative cloth, most of these contain a lot of metal springs inside. However, don’t mistake the box spring with the bed frame. The bed frame is where the box spring sits and this usually stands on the floor and serves as the main brace for the whole bed.

What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring

Simply, the bed can compose 2-3 parts. The bed frame for the stand, the box spring in the middle for holding up the mattress and the mattress on top. Yet, there are beds without the bed frame but only the box springs and the mattress while there are also beds without the box spring but only the bed frame and the thick mattress. 

Some mattresses on the other hand, especially the older generation, also have springs in them while the newer models are layered with a lot of foam. This is why old mattress removal, as well as the box spring can be a problem because old foam is hard to recycle while the metal coil springs from the box springs is a laborious job to take them out. 

So what to do with an old mattress and box spring now?

Effective Ways for Old Mattress Removal

If both the box spring and the mattress are in great condition, you could donate them to charitable institutions like Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Red Cross, or find any group in your area that accepts donations of goods. 

If you have a decent type of mattress but you’ve found that the mattress you have on your wishlist is on sale, you can sell your present mattress through any online marketing platform and the money you earn can be added when buying your dream mattress. 

What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring

Try recycling. Old mattress removal would not be a big problem if you want to spend time recycling it. You can use the foam for creating beds for your pets and you only need to buy a cover for it. You can also use the foam as packing for your sagging couch. If your mattress contains coil springs, you can take these to a recycling center. 

Inquire from the store where you have bought your mattress if they can take back your old mattress. This will work especially if you are willing to buy from them another of their mattress products. 

Check the warranty of your mattress. Mattresses usually have a 10 years warranty provided by the companies that manufacture them. So check your warranty if it includes a “take-back” offer or call the store where you bought your mattress to be sure.

Call your sanitation department, city sanitation office or your city’s waste management department and ask what to do with old mattress and box spring for disposal. 

What to Do With Old Mattress and Box Spring

Take the mattress to the transfer station. In Christchurch, New Zealand, our transfer stations accept large furniture including bedroom furniture for disposal for a fee. You can bring your items to the station and these will be weighed or measured and pay for the corresponding amount.

Call for mattress removal service

 This can be the easiest and most hassle-free method for old mattress removal. You only need to contact the waste removal service company and they will pick the items from your place and pay for the service. And this is what we do with our “single-item pickup service” in Christchurch.  

How to Dispose of Box Spring

Box springs are frames made of metal or wood and filled with metal springs or coils. Some models have metal grids in them for a more even surface for the mattress to lay on. And generally, box springs are used for innerspring mattresses which are mattresses that also have coil springs. 

The designs of the box springs have undergone a lot of development in the last few years. From the standard type, the more modern types are now the low-profile box springs. This happened because our mattresses today have also got thicker thus they only require a little support from the box springs. In this regard, many of the standard type box springs are coming from many homes as more and more people are preferring the thicker and softer mattresses made generally of softer materials and paired with low-profile box springs.

Mattress recycling nz

If you are one of the people who wants to dispose of your old bed set up, then the question about what to do with old mattress and box spring will naturally bother you. But here are some ideas. 

You can disassemble your box spring and sell the metals it contains while dumping the unrecyclable parts into the skip or wheelie bin. Box springs are easier to recycle because they contain less foam but more wood and metal springs. 

Reuse the parts. The most usable parts of box springs are their frames. You can take out the springs and put the frame in your backyard and make a mini garden frame out of it by putting in compost. Or you can recreate the frames to make beds for your pets and this time you can use the foam from the mattress as the bedding. 

Think about taking your mattress to the dump. However, the question is, can you take a mattress to the dump, and will they even take it ?

Can You Take a Mattress to the Dump?

In Christchurch, we call the transfer stations “dumps”. And whatever large furniture you have, you can take it there and pay for it. All the waste that goes to the dump is being sorted by the people working at the station. And when it comes to large furniture like couches, whiteware, beds and spring boxes, these will be screened out and the ones that are still in their good condition might be brought to the eco drop centers for selling to the public at a very low price. 

So the answer to the question can you take a mattress to the dump is definitely yes. Anyone is allowed to bring their waste to the transfer stations .

Bed Disposal Service

However, you have to consider that if you’ll be bringing your mattress or box spring to the station, you have to have the capacity to do the process. Can you be able to lift and haul these onto your truck? And do you have the truck for the hauling or you need to hire a trailer? And the most important thing is, do you have the time to do all the dumping process while you still have to pay for the dumping fee?

Renovation Waste Building Waste Disposal

If you think taking your mattress and box spring to the dump would be very inconvenient on your part, then why not hire a company that provides pickup service for mattress disposal in Christchurch? Our waste removal service in the city has been around for more than 10 years and we have been doing excellent services to the public from day 1 and one of the things that we do best is our ‘single-item pickup” service. With our affordable price, you won’t have to do anything but contact us and wait for us to take your items right from your homes or offices. 


Mattress Disposal Price

We know that your next question will be how much is for the mattress disposal price. If you visit our website, you will see many other kinds of furniture including beds, mattresses, televisions, whiteware and other large items that are up for pickup by us. And each item has its price pickup value and you will only charge $14.95 for travel. 

Our cost for the pickup ranges from $24.95 for the single mattresses up to $49.99 for the super king-size types. And for the spring boxes, the price ranges from $25 to $39 so it will depend on the size of your spring box.

Now that you know what to do with old mattress and box spring, you deserve to have a break and not worry about their disposal anymore.

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