Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free

Where Can I Dump Old Furniture

Wow you brought your self some nice new furniture but how do you get rid of your old stuff ?? 

Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free Or At little Cost

In our job of being in the rubbish collection business during the past 10 years, we are asked by many of our clients, “where can I dump old furniture”? And true, some of the things that we deal with are large junk items coming from homes and offices and most of these are furniture. But why do people typically dispose of their furniture when they last many years?

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Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free

Home furniture are some of the most important fixtures in our homes. They are our comfort zones when we need to rest, we store our stuff into them, they keep our things organized and they are there for use in whatever activities we need to do inside our abodes. However, in time, they may tend to break down, be damaged by our pets or grow weak, or eventually go out of style. So when the time comes we need to replace them, this is where you’ll think about how to dispose of your unwanted furniture.

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Today, most of our home and office furniture are mostly  made of wood and plastic or metals, or a combination of these materials. But as they grow old and with constant use, they also break down and lose their strength, shapes and durability. In this scenario, there is no other way but to dispose of them. If you are in this situation and you want to get rid of old furniture, you may also ask yourself where can I dump furniture for free.  

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As a rubbish pick up service for many years, we can help you by giving you a number of viable solutions to your problem and one of these could be the best solution for you. But before that, let us identify some of the most common furniture that we are typically called to  pick up by people in Christchurch.

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  • Sofa beds
  • Couches
  • Dining tables
  • Filing cabinets
  • Dressers
  • Bookshelves
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Benches
  • Dining tables
  • Cupboards
  • Chairs, and a lot more
Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free

This furniture is usually replaced after a few  years of using them and some of it is still intact or in good condition which we feel should go to donations like charities or sell them online through auctions with all the hassles that involves. But if you need it removed  quickly, we can do your job pronto.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Furniture

Most home and office furniture is heavy, huge, and bulky like the old beds and mattresses, dressers, filing cabinets and so on. So with their volume alone and weight, that becomes an apparent problem for the owner when disposing of them themselves. Eventually, you will need some extra hands when taking large heavy furniture out of your home or office. You will also need a big vehicle to carry them to the transfer station. 

So if you’re asking about how and where can I dump old furniture, we will give you some ideas on how to dispose of unwanted furniture regardless if it comes from your household or your office and for free or with very minimal charges. We are suggesting these because we see furniture being dumped near wheelie bins as people hope these will also get picked up by the CCC’s rubbish collection trucks. However, that would not happen because only what’s inside the bins will be collected by the Christchurch city council or CCC’s waste management service.

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Different Ways How To Dispose of Unwanted Furniture

  • Take it apart. Taking your furniture apart, you can dump the parts into their dedicated wheelie bins like metals, nails, plastics, and paper on the yellow bins (mixed recyclable) and take the good wood or large metal to the transfer station for recycling. The metals may also be sold to any scrap dealer near you. Or call the transfer station to inquire if it’s possible to dump these scraps for free. 

The only problem with this option is, this is laborious and quite hazardous because there could be sharp metals, glasses or splinters that could hurt you when disassembling the furniture. 

  • Donate the furniture to a local charity. Where can I dump old furniture for free? Try these tips. If there’s a local charity in your area that accepts old or used furniture provided that it’s still in good shape, then give it to them and ask them to pick it from your home or office but most won’t pick up.    
  • Post your old furniture online. You bought your furniture at a costly price and still want to get a little money from it rather than just disposing of it? Then why not try selling it at a very cheap price through your local online selling platform ( like trade me ). There are a lot of people who just want some old furniture when first going flatting or setting up home for the very first time. This option will save you on dump fees even if you only get $1 for it.
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  • Advertise online to give your furniture for free. If you want quick disposal of your furniture but don’t want to wait for someone to buy it, why not advertise it online as a free item. In some cases, even furniture with little defects or can be repaired are taken quickly by people who are handy with repairs and want to add furniture for free ( like facebook marketplace).  
  • Give it to your friends or relatives. This will also effectively answer your question  where can I dump furniture for free and though you’re not actually dumping it but giving it to some people who need it, it eliminates your problem on what to do with your old furniture. 
  • Haul the furniture to the transfer station. We know that in Christchurch, furniture is left behind by the council’s garbage pick up truck because they don’t only fit in the pickup trucks but are not part of the collection also including all large items like whiteware. 

So the best thing you can do is haul it yourself to the dump. However, you have to consider some factors like do you have the truck to carry it?  Will there be people to help you load and unload your furniture? Also, do you have the time to do all the tasks required including traveling to the transfer station?

  • Leave your good furniture with a note in front of your house. Some people leave their good furniture in the curbs or front of their houses with a note “free to take”. However, better check with your city council first if leaving furniture on the curb is allowed before you leave yours to avoid getting penalized. Also, make sure that your furniture is still in a good state as nobody would take an old and dilapidated item.     

Lastly, hire a professional rubbish removal service. Our team has been in the business of disposing of all kinds of trash, junk, or rubbish and we also specialize in single item pickups to help people eliminate their problems of disposing of their old furniture. With our service, no need for you to worry about how to dispose of unwanted furniture or where to dump it because this is part of our job. 

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Now, let’s answer some questions that some first-timers ask when having problems with how to dispose of old furniture and we’ll give answers based on our experience and what we know

  • What if I need to replace several pieces of furniture in my office and want the old ones out in one go? 


This is not a problem. We can take all of them even if we need to go back and forth and we will pick them up from where they are so there is no need for you to carry them. Just call us on 0273106127 to arrange your pickup or go to our single item pickup service here and select your items to be removed. 




  • I have disassembled my cabinet and gathered a lot of wood. Can I take all these wood directly to the transfer station? 


That depends on the wood you got from your furniture. Good untreated woods are generally accepted because these can be recycled and if these are broken or severely damaged, they will be brought to the composting areas. However, be aware of the treated wood especially those that were varnished, painted, stained or pressure-treated as they have absorbed chemicals. These can be dumped but they will be segregated along with the chipboard, particleboard or any wood with adhesives or paints on it. 


  • What benefits can I get from your rubbish pickup service? 


With us, you don’t have to be bothered  about where you can  dump old furniture or how to dispose of unwanted furniture because we will pick up your furniture no matter how big and  heavy it is and we will take care of the dumping. We have the tools and manpower capable to haul different kinds of furniture and we also have trucks of different sizes to accommodate even a large amount of furniture at the same time. You do not have to lift anything.

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What can I find on your website?

 At rubbishpickup.co.nz we love your rubbish  we offer great rubbish pickup services in Christchurch city. We can dispose of any kind of waste, even hazardous waste but you must inform us beforehand about their presence with your waste. If you want to find how much we charge you for single pickups,  look on our website for the items that are commonly disposed of from homes and offices such as whiteware, furniture, gardening equipment, and other large items that cannot be included among the general waste. 

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So “where can I dump furniture for free”, you have a few options as we have stated  but are quite limited. Just make sure your old furniture  doesn’t end up dumped down a backroad somewhere spoiling our clean green environment.  


So if furniture disposal bothers you and you want a quick pickup,check our services.  If you can’t find your type of furniture within our list, take a picture of your item and send the image to 0273106127 and we can send you a  free quote. We will then update our list with your item for future reference.