Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

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Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

If you’ve been mowing your lawn all these years with an old push or riding mower model and then one day it gave up for good, where to dump a lawn mower could now be your greatest concern.  But then, this could be the best time for an upgrade. With the modern innovations in today’s market such as new engine technology and tri-blade cutting systems, there are plenty of reasons to make that change. 

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

Today, most manufacturers have shifted their focus from performance engines that produce exhaust fumes into environmentally-friendly byproducts which don’t become pollutants at all while still maintaining a high level of performance. On the other hand, some things about the lawn mowers cannot be changed as with all other machines and this is the use of oil. As such, when maintaining even an upgraded lawn mower, you should know how to change and dispose of mower oil but this should not be part of the rubbish you regularly dump into your bins.  

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower
Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

Lawn mower disposal is one of the problems that we see people are struggling with within Christchurch . In the past years that we’re doing waste removal services as a private company, we have dumped so many of these at the transfer stations and some of these are still in repairable conditions. However, we noticed that most of these still have engine oil in them which the owners did not bother to drain out. So even though some individuals can dispose of their lawn mowers properly especially in hiring us for the pickup and disposal, the oil in their machines should also be one of theirs and our concerns.   

Let’s talk about how to dispose of mower oil first before we talk about where to dump a lawn mower. out

How to Dispose of Mower Oil

Dumping of used oil anywhere is illegal to any country and punishable by environmental laws. Doing this, you are introducing pollutants not only into the soil but possibly on the water supply or bodies of water to which can pose dangers to animals, plants and to us that depends on this water. So being in liquid form and toxic, you must know how to dispose of mower oil when you need to dispose of your lawn mower altogether or when you need to just change the oil of your current machine. 

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

Here are simple ways  on disposing of used lawn mower oil:

  • First is learning how to drain the oil from the lawn mower. Place the lawn mower on the pavement so that it will be on a raised platform. 

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

  • Place an oil pan just below to where the oil reserve is located then uncap the oil cap and tip the machine on its side. The dirty oil should drip into the waiting oil pan. Let the oil drain completely. 

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

  • Transfer the oil into a metal can container and seal its cap tightly. You can also keep it in a large bottle container along with other motor oil. 

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

  • Contact an eco drop center, if they are accepting used oil as most of these centers have dedicated dumping facilities for hazardous waste. Don’t dump the can of used engine oil into any of your bins.

    Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

  • A lot of motor parts stores are also accepting used engine oil and also gasoline stations which they sell for recycling. The used oil will be used in powering up large power plants and if these are mixed with diesel fuel can also power up heavy-duty engines in factories.

    Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower for Free

Lawn Mower Disposal
Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

Now, this is the part you’ve been waiting for. So are you thinking about where to dump a lawn mower that you don’t already need? There are many ways you could actually get rid of your garden machine and these won’t even scratch your wallet. Some may sound too easy but a few would need your patience and time. So here they are: 

  • Recycle Your Lawn Mower

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are generally made of metal like aluminum for their handles, cast aluminum for their decks, and steel for their blades. It is also composed of plastic while the engine is made of aluminum castings. Even the small parts in its engines are made of different kinds of metals while there are also rubber parts such as the wheels and gaskets. If you disassemble a standard push mower, you will find that about 65% of it is made of metal. Junk shops will generally accept all kinds of metals that come from lawn mowers. And for the rubber, you can throw them away into the red bid for the non-recyclable junks. 

However, lawn mower disposal thru recycling is not a simple task because you have to disassemble everything with the machine. You must also drain its gasoline and oil and we have already talked about how to dispose of mower oil. If you want to know how to disassemble lawn mowers, find instructional videos on YouTube or disengage just about everything you see using tools that are connected and segregate the parts accordingly. 

  • Find a Recycling Center in Your Area

There could be a recycling center in your locality where you could bring in your old lawn mower and they will take it for its scraps. Moreover, you have to prepare some money because some shops would ask you to pay for your junk while other shops can take it for free. So better contact them first if you find their numbers on their website if they have them. Giving out your lawn mower could be easier than dismantling your machine which could be laborious and messy. So we suggest you try this method first before scrapping out your lawn mower and taking its parts to the junk shop unless you still want to use some of the parts. 

  • Take Your Electric Mower to an E-Waste Recycling Facility

A lot of people today own electric lawn mowers because of their quiet motors and with no smoke features. However, these machines, although have different components compared to their gas-powered counterparts, they also have large batteries, a good amount of plastics and stainless steel for their metal. So don’t bring them to junk shops but instead take them to E-waste recycling facilities because they are no different from electrical appliances we use at home and with rechargeable batteries. Contact the Eco-Drop Shop or call them before taking your machine there. 

  •   Donate Your Lawn Mower 

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

Is your lawn mower still good but you want an upgrade? Or does it only requires a minor repair that it’s still worth giving it out? Donating a lawn mower is one good example of lawn mower disposal. You can donate it to a thrift store or charities and drop your unit and you won’t be paying anything. The Salvation Army sometimes offers a pick-up arrangement but if you’re thinking about other organizations, better take a picture of your machine and send it to them for assessment. 

  • Sell It if It’s Good or Bring It Recycling Facility If It’s Junk

Used push lawn mowers can still be sold if they are still running good. But how about if your lawnmower is a riding mower type? If it’s no good anymore, is it worth taking to a recycling center? With riding lawn mower disposal, according to some sellers, its scrap could be valued at around $60/ton so your riding lawn mower could only be worth between $20.00 – $30.00 not including the rubber and other unrecyclable parts. 

But if your riding lawn mower can still do a good cutting job and with no issues or only need minor repair while you want to purchase a more modern type, you can still sell it for a good amount of money. Post its picture on any local marketing platform and you’ll get some attention for it in no time.   

  • Hire a Junk Removal Service for the Pick-Up

Where to Dump a Lawn Mower

Finally, the safest, quickest and sure way in lawn mower disposal including riding lawn mower disposal is calling for a junk removal service to pick up your mower. We, the junkman of

Christchurch are into rubbish removal for more than a decade and being a licensed group, we are offering different kinds of waste removal services which include single item pick up wherein you only need to call or contact us, you pay for the pickup and we’ll get there to pick up your lawn mower. It’s that easy. 

We also offer wheelie bin collection, house and garden clearing and all our rates are affordable. We also specialize in whiteware removal and also mattress disposal in Christchurch. So compared to recycling, selling or donating your lawn mower which can take time and sometimes not free, with us, you won’t need to do anything but hire us for the job. 

Yes, you can also take your machine to the dump which we also do but you still need to pay for the tipping fee plus you need to spend time and effort on the task. With us, there are no hassles and no paperwork, and your account when paying us with your credit card will be fully secured.


Now that you know where to dump a lawn mower, it’s your choice which of the disposal options you want to undertake. But if you want the quickest and most hassle-free way of disposing of your garden machine you only need to contact us on


Visit also our site: Rubbish Pickup and you’ll see the different services we offer that can make your life easier and safer.  You can leave us your message and your phone number and we’ll contact you asap. Remember that we have the most affordable pickup price in a whole lot of Christchurch and we also have the manpower, tools, and trucks to do any kind of rubbish removal services. 

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