Where to Get Rid of Rubbish

Where to Get Rid of Rubbish?

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Where to Get Rid of Rubbish
Where to Get Rid of Rubbish

Where to Get Rid of Rubbish ?Do You Have A Problem With Rubbish?

Are you finding it difficult about where to get rid of rubbish especially your old TV sets, old mattresses, and beds? Well, find out here and you may find good ideas for their proper disposal.

Rubbish is defined as any waste material, litter, or refuse that is already useless and meant for disposal. But in some countries like New Zealand, people consider rubbish that includes recyclables and not only with paper and plastics but also used TV sets, whiteware, furniture and all kinds of waste and junks that people wanted to dispose of. And because rubbish is a term in New Zealand that covers a large body, the government is also doing its best to manage the disposal of rubbish and in preventing most of these to land in the landfills.

In Auckland alone, its council is adopting a zero-waste policy to achieve a zero-waste state by the year 2040 and expects that other councils will follow. However, according to the NZ’s Ministry of Environment, the country is now sending 2.5 million tonnes of rubbish to landfills every year which is 3 times more than any country in the European region. It was also found out that the highest percentage of waste comes from packaging and plastic waste and this is now becoming a global issue.

Unfortunately, other rubbish types are also fast becoming problems in New Zealand in terms of waste production particularly electronic waste such as televisions sets and other furniture that cannot be included in the collection by the council’s garbage trucks. So where and how to get rid of these large items and not become part of unauthorized dumping that is becoming a nuisance in New Zealand?

How to Get Rid of Old TV Sets

If you want to know how to get rid of old TV sets, you have to know that once you disposed of them, there are only two things that can happen to them and it’s either they will be recycled or end up in the landfill. But did you know why every country in the world is pushing for recycling electronics? It’s because these are very rich sources of raw materials that can be recycled thru scrapping. And if you don’t realize, their metals are more readily available than mining ores from the earth. 

Other than that, recycling is also essential because e-waste contains toxic elements such as mercury, lead, chromium, and other hazardous materials that can pollute the soil and water and in turn harm us humans. So here are good suggestions on how to get rid of old TV sets and help in the reduction of e-waste going to the ground. 

Where to Get Rid of RubbishFind an E-Waste Recycling Center. If you live in Christchurch or Auckland, you can find lots of recycling centers there that accept electronic waste such as computers, printers, radios, televisions sets and other consumer electronic products. One good example is the e.cycle company which is into recycling electronics and actively accepting all types of electronic waste. 

According to the management, the materials that they get from the collected electronic items are recycled and are sold to manufacturers for the production of new electronic units. However, you may have to pay for the items you want to drop to them much like getting charged for the collection and disposal. 

Where to Get Rid of Rubbish

Look for an Eco Drop Center. Every city and town has its transfer station in New Zealand which we also call the dump. And each dump has its Eco Drop Center to manage. These centers are established to help people dispose of their recyclable rubbish to the drop boxes to minimize their potentials to land in the landfills including electronic waste. These centers can also accept hazardous waste and all for free dropping. So if you’re thinking about where to get rid of electronic rubbish without paying, look around you and there could be a center nearby. 

Try the Manufacturers’ Take-Back Scheme. You may not be familiar with this method but this is also possible. Have you heard about the Take-Back scheme wherein electronics manufacturers are directed by the laws to take back old units that are meant for disposal especially when individuals go to the same store and buy the same brand? This could be highly possible. But to be sure, talk to the store manager because, as we have said, many electronic companies today are also scouting for raw materials using their previous units as sources. This is also one ideal way of dumping old TV sets for free.  

Bring Your TV Set to the Transfer Station. Let’s make it straight. If you don’t want to go with the round-about like taking your old TV sets to recycling center or a drop center, the next thing to do is take it yourself to the dump. Old TVs can fit into your car’s trunk and can haul it away to the dump’s location. But don’t forget that you also need to pay the dumping fee.   

Now that we have shown you the ways for old TV sets disposal, how about where to dump old beds and mattresses? We are also concerned about these domestic waste because, among the home furniture, these are some of the most difficult items to get rid of for the reason that not many stakeholders are into bed and mattress recycling.  But just the same, we also have good proposals for you to consider.

Where to Dump Old Beds and Mattresses

Beds and mattresses are no joke to dispose of because not many centers are into recycling in New Zealand for these items. And based on research made by a bed manufacturer in NZ, about 300,000 mattresses are going to the dump every year. This can be true because mattresses are being disposed of almost everyday from homes and accommodation businesses like hotels, motels, boarding houses, and apartments and until today, there is no concrete government solution from stopping this course.  

But then there are still ways on how to dispose of these items to minimize their number that are likely to go to the landfills and these are already proven effective – 

First, as long as your bed and mattresses still look new, no damages, free from bed bugs and were properly cared for, you can still sell them thru the online market. Beds and mattresses can remain in their best conditions as long as they are not more than 5 years old and were properly taken care of. But if above this age, they may show some signs of weakness or wear. In this case, you can only donate it or give it away to some people or easier take it to the dump.  

 Second, since you want to dispose of your present bed so you can replace it with a brand new one and of the same brand, why not request from the seller if they can do a take-back of your used one. Many bed and mattress manufacturers are also into take-back programs wherein they take away these old items, disassemble them, segregate the usable materials and recycle these to create new products. Mattresses have spring metals in them and some foams that never sag which can be decontaminated and reused. 

Where to Get Rid of Rubbish

 Third, ask the advice from people at the transfer station on where to dump old beds and mattresses. Someone from there may know of a recycling center located near your area. And fourth, take your items right into the transfer station for disposal then pay for the dumping charge.  

How to Get Rid of Rubbish Without a Sweat

We may sometimes overlook the idea of where to get rid of rubbish until we are faced with the actual situation. But if you don’t want to pursue our suggestions above that include recycling, selling, donating, or taking it to the transfer station yourself and pay the cost, read on for a better solution. 

What we have to suggest is calling us for our  rubbish and junk removal services. People call us the “Junkman of Christchurch” because we can take any kind of rubbish from homes and business establishments even of the largest items like freezers, stove ovens, and many more. But to give you more detailed specifications on what we can take, anything that you can see in your living room, bedroom, garage, kitchen, laundry, living room, whiteware, and all kinds of collected stuff, we can take it all and properly dispose of it. 

Some people also want to know where do we bring the stuff that we collect. Frankly, we also take everything into the dump and we also pay for the tipping fee in bulk. And basically, there’s is no other way of disposing of rubbish and junk properly than into the dump which every licensed private waste removal group should do in New Zealand. So our role here is to take away your burdens and your worries on where and how to get rid of rubbish by taking it from you and only pay us affordably for our effort.    

How Much Does it Cost to Dump a Mattress?

Going back to the disposal of the mattresses using our service, visit our site to see the different types of mattresses we take and each of these has its corresponding pickup price. Click the button “Items to Be Picked Up” and click the “Bedroom Items” and find the size of your mattress you want to dispose of. From single beds to the super king-size mattress, our pick-up price ranges from $24.95 to $49.99. You may also find that when it comes to mattress disposal in Christchurch, our prices are more affordable than the prices offered by our competitors. We also don’t hide other charges but only add a little cost for every travel that we do depend on your location.     

The same with the beds, if you want to discover our price ranges for bed pickup, just check the same page and our price ranges from $49.95 to $89.99 for the size Single bed to King-size Bed. Remember that these beds and mattresses are not accepted at any Eco Drop centers and recycling facilities for these are hard to find. But if you take us to pick these up, your disposal problem for them will be instantly gone. So if you want a more detailed pickup cost for your beds and mattress, don’t hesitate to visit our website and this will answer your question – how much does it cost to dump a mattress using our service. 

Also, like we  have said that we can take up everything, we can even empty the contents of your bin if you have a missed out bin collection. So in terms of rubbish and junk removal services, we are a complete package and we have the manpower, tools, and trucks to use.

Rubbish Pickup

we are a complete package and we have the manpower, tools, and trucks to use.


We, at Rubbish Pickup NZ, have been doing waste removal services since the late 1990s and because we are licensed and more experienced, people already trust us with our capabilities and efficiency. We also care for the environment that’s why we don’t want people to do illegal dumping of rubbish that can result in negative impacts both to the environment and to us. 

Right now, we are establishing connections to nearby towns such as Rangiora and Rolleston because these need support with their waste disposal services while their population and the number of commercial establishments continue to grow up. So to anyone who read this and live in Christchurch where we are based and to the people who reside in the nearby towns, you only need to visit our website, leave us a message with your phone number and a picture of your rubbish and we’ll call you. We can also give you a quick quote for your rubbish if you want to. You want our advice, call us 027-3106-127 and we’ll be happy to answer your queries and arrange everything for you. You only need to talk to us and that’s all we need. 

So the next time you get bothered about where to get rid of rubbish, just let us know. 


For single items you want us to pick, visit our single item pickup page

But if you want a quick talk, we are only a phone call away. 

Visit also our site: Rubbish Pickup and you’ll see the different services we offer that can make your life easier and safer.  You can leave us your message and your phone number and we’ll contact you asap. Remember that we have the most affordable pickup price in  Christchurch and we also have the manpower, tools, and trucks to do any kind of rubbish removal service. 

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