Whiteware Disposal In Christchurch

Whiteware Disposal in Christchurch

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Whiteware disposal can be quite difficult if you don’t know where to dispose of your used appliances whenever you need to upgrade. Whiteware is washing machines, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, dryers, air conditioners, freezers, and fridges. They were called whiteware because originally, these appliances were available only in white. But with innovations and trends, they have become more elegant in color so that we can blend according to our home environment.

Whiteware Disposal
Christchurch whiteware removal

The disposal of whiteware in Christchurch New Zealand is basically a big problem for the city mainly because we don’t have many centers that accept used goods from metal scraps to furniture up to the biggest home items such as dishwashers, freezers, and other whiteware. These appliances are constantly innovated by their manufacturers thus attracting more consumers but we still have to dispose of our old units. 

Whiteware disposal is also unavoidable once the machines have reached their life’s limit that makes them vulnerable to repairs, higher maintenance needs, and inefficient output. In this case, we cannot donate or give away these appliances for they become useless. So what are we going to do with them if no one would accept them in their damaged condition? 

This blog will tell you more about whiteware disposal, what we do about whiteware removal in Christchurch and we will also answer the burning  question from many of our clients – where can I take my old appliances?  

Where Can I Take My Old Appliances

First, let’s consider that your appliances are still in perfect running condition without much history of repairs and still looking nice though old and you want to have the newest  one on the market. So this is what you can do to dispose of your present units properly:

Sell it online.

As long as your whiteware has good features and runs  perfectly, don’t worry about selling it online. There are a lot of online sites that buy and sell used items and some even buy whiteware items with some damage to  repair them. To find the site online near you, Check this site, for example. This 2nd-hand shop buys and sells whiteware in Christchurch. Note also that some buyers will want to check on your goods personally and visit your home but some stores would ask you to bring your used appliance to them for value assessment. 

Donate it or give it away.

  There is the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and Red Cross ready to take used but good appliances which can be your best option for whiteware disposal if you’re not keen on recycling your whiteware or paying for the dumping fee at the transfer station. These shops also sell the things they collect and which they contribute to charities for a good cause. So you donate, they sell it, and give the money to their charitable institutions.  You can also ask any of your friends or relatives if they want your appliances. Brand new appliances are very expensive these days and there are a lot of people who would prefer to buy used ones so if you are giving your good units for free, you can make some people happy.

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Trade it. 

Some shops will take a trade in . You bring them your used appliances and get a discount on your new item purchase. Check your area for such stores

Call your city or local council waste management.  

If you get lost where to take your old appliances and you just want them to be removed, you can call the people who know more about the  legal way of disposing of whiteware and these are those working under your city’s waste management CCC  council. You will be given the most legal advice and you don’t have to break any laws.

Where Can I Dump Old Furniture For Free

Now, if your appliances are not redeemable and are beyond repair or too old to sell or give away, better think about how to dispose of them for free. 

Recycle it. 

This means you have to break apart your old appliances. Generally speaking, whiteware contains lots of good metals in them like stainless, aluminum, steel, wrought iron and they also have non-ferrous precious metals like copper that are in the electrical cables and motors. For plastics and glass, these only take a small percentage while they are also non-recyclables. So if we can disassemble our old whiteware, we can also sell the collected metals.

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Whiteware Removal in Christchurch With Us

All the tips mentioned above can be very viable for whiteware disposal and you don’t have to spend money to get rid of your unneeded appliances. However, as we say viable, it isn’t an assurance that your items will easily be gone whenever you donate or sell them to the public.

 And another thing, it is illegal to leave any large appliance on the curbside. So what can you do and where can I take my old appliances if I don’t want to go through the hassle of giving them away or donating them and even more time spent recycling them or disassembling them?

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Well, my friends, this is where we could help you. We at rubbishpickup.co.nz specialize in single-item pickup and we are known to be one of the few companies that provide excellent services for whiteware removal in Christchurch.  Why we call it the single item pickup service is because people call us to pick up their large home items which include mattresses, box springs, couches, fridges, air conditioners, dryers, washers and all other bulky items that are normally seen in homes and offices.

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How Much Does it Cost for Whiteware Disposal?

To know how much we charge for whiteware disposal, this depends on the appliance you have. You can  visit our site and see the kinds of items we can pick up and each has its pickup price based on its size. To give you an example, let’s say for an old freezer: 

Small Size – $24.95 pick up rate each

Medium size – $29.95 pick up rate each

Large size – $39.95 pick up rate each

Then  just add $14.95 for a one off  travel charge to come up with the total rate you’ll be paying online with your credit card. There will be no hidden charges. You don’t have to haul your appliance yourself anymore. You only need to call us or visit our website.Whiteware Disposal Christchurch

Whiteware disposal should not be a problem today because we can use the online platforms to advertise every piece of our good items and most likely people will take it or buy it. But if selling or donating or recycling is not your cup of tea, then why not go for the whiteware removal in Christchurch instead and quickly eliminate your problem. 

 We care for our community, our environment and of course our future so whatever waste or rubbish or large item you want us to take, just contact us and we’ll be there.

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